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How long will it take me to recover from my laposcopophy and cyst removal?

I had an emergency laposcopophy and cyst removal on Monday, I was in hospital for 3 days in total with major pains and sickness, the cyst had ruptured a while ago and had been pumping nasty fluid into my system making me very ill.

I feel like I should be feeling better now but I'm really not! I can't walk more than a couple of minutes without being in agony and feeling like I'm going to faint, the wind pains are still awful in my shoulders and my tummy is so tender and bruised.

How long did it take for you to feel better? Any tips for speeding the recovery up? I've been signed off work for 2 weeks, I'm a nursery nurse in a baby/toddler room so it involves a lot of moving around, lifting, sitting on floors ect! How long did you take off work in the end?

Thank you :)

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I had my laparoscopy to remove endo and endometriomas on Saturday and have been feeling dreadful without all the additional complications that you had. I went to see my GP yesterday as I have had bad nausea and one of my incisions is still bleeding slightly. The nurse and Dr both told me it is early days and I think that my expectations for my recovery were a bit unrealistic!! Everyone recovers differently so just look after yourself and if you are at all worried ring you doctor or the hospital where you had the surgery. Have you tried peppermint tea for the gas pain? Have you got decent pain relief? I was discharged with tramadol xx

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Yeah I didn't realise I would feel this dreadful after it all! The hospital told me I would need 1-2 weeks off work but I'm no where near ready to go back! It seems they tell everyone 1-2 weeks but most people end up needing longer.

Yes!! I love peppermint tea and have been drinking loads of it :) it really does help doesn't it! It's a saviour.

Yes I got given really strong painkillers and ibuprofen to take every 4 hours so they do help, I'm not too bad when sitting/laying down its just when I get up it really hurts and I go light headed. I'm going crazy just sitting at home not being able to carry out everyday stuff.

How long have you been told you will need off work? Are doctors understanding if I say I think I need longer? I'm a nursery nurse and the thought of a baby bumping my tummy is awful :( xx


Glad to hear you are finding some relief in the peppermint tea and painkillers 😀 The hospital signed me off for 2 weeks but my GP is very supportive and said to tell her if I feel I need longer. My work is office based but there isn't any parking so am hoping I can book one of the emergency spaces for the first couple of days that's I'm back. I think the first few days are hard for anyone going back after surgery so it's important not to over do it xx


Hey after my first lap removal of 2 cysts and stage 4 endo. After a week I could finially move and slow walk a tiny bit after two weeks move around couldn't lift anything went back to work HUGE mistake lasted like a few days before I put myself back a few weeks took 4 weeks till I was able to get back to normal but proper exercise had to slowly build it up. Only tip just don't rush it if I had just taken another week to rest I probably would have been better sooner. Doesn't matter how long it takes you do not rush things to fast the thought of a child going near my stomach would terrify me! Wait till your comfortable


I've had 3 laps so far and each time I've had 2 weeks off each time. I'm also a nursery nurse for a foundation unit in a primary school, when I went back I took things a bit too quick and soon had to slow down a bit. Just see how it goes and how supportive your work place is. If there's anything you really cannot do the doctor can always tick the other box on the sick note explaining what changes need to be made for a little while.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Hi. I had removal of large ovarian cyst and ovary 2 years ago. I had major problems with sickness and pain around my kidney area. (incidently this kidney is now not working!) I was still being sick 2 months later. It took me a good couple of months if im honest. I do a small job at the school which i could do at my own pace. Id speak to your employers and see what they say. My twins boys were 6 at the time and always jumping on or over me....it terrified me every time they came near me.


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