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Is it common to feel so tiered and lethargic with Endo condition?

Hi, I'm new to the site. I have preliminary been diagnosed with Endo, having key hole in a couple of weeks to confirm this. I have just had a very very painful 2 week period, and every since I feel so weak and tiered, I can literally sleep on and off all afternoon and still be in bed for 9pm.... help.? I'm losing the will to fight, without sounding like I am feeling so sorry for myself, this past year has been a rough one with many different health issues and I just don't know what to do any more.

It is wonderful to feel like I can talk to people that understand..' thank you x.

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That sounds like 'normal' for endo. Dreadful Fatigue is certainly something most of us have with this disease. And no amount of catching up with sleep gets rid of the overwhelming tiredness factor. And I am sorry to report but even having great surgery and treatment too will not usually make the fatigue issues go away. It is something we have to cope with all the time, whatever else is happening at the same time, good or bad.

It is a genuine aspect of endo. no one knows why - and no one has yet found a cure but it sure does grind you down day in day out.


Go & get your iron count checked at the doctors mine is always low due to my periods x


Yes, your iron needs to be checked but also your B12 and folate levels. + thyroid function.



Thank you both so much impatient & Clem01 , its makes it a little easier to deal with knowing that it is normal (well as normal as this thing gets) and Clem01 thank you I have booked in for blood tests for an iron count, I have just had 2 weeks of ridiculously heavy period! Might explain. Thank you so so so much!! X


Just another side effect hun. They can give u iron tablets you just need to watch the side effects from them. Lol prune juice works amazing xx


Yep, exhausted all the time.


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