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Contraception confusion!!

I Hope someone can help... I've had Endo since I was 16 (first operation to remove at 17), I have had a total of 3 ops since and Im 23. I have tried the coil, which made me bleed for 16 months constantly so had it removed. Since I've tried numerous pills, Yasmine seemed to work well for me until I started spotting 2 weeks into a pack and I had been advised to take 9 weeks back to back for pain reasons... Im now on Mercilon, I've also been on a couple of others but they didn't work well with me. Im in constant pain on this pill, , literally waking up every night in agony, im debating the injection, but have read it doesn't do anything for Endo to relieve pain etc? Its so frustrating as I used to be able to take 7-9 weeks back to back, no pain and just a light period, now im in agony and have heavy periods every few weeks....

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I don't no a lot about the pill, but are you under a bsge centre, it sounds like you need a specilist surgeon to do a thorough excision job,


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I totally agree with Tboag.


I've had contraceptive implant for just over 3 years now and it has really helped. Took 3 months for my first one to settle down with very light periods only intermittently. Second one took bit longer, about 6 months and no periods since April. That combined with acupuncture and low oestrogen diet has helped me feel best I have in long time. Just had my 4th lap yesterday as knew there was some cleaning up to do so starting now with blank sheet of paper, my acupuncture and diet. I think it's just about finding the right things that work for you. It's taken me 20 years of trial and error but finally feel I've got somewhere, I hope you do too x


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