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What contraception is everyone on? I’ve been on the combined pill for about 7 years and I think I need a change. I was diagnosed with endo in September 17 and have been taking the pill back to back 3 monthly since June 17 after my gynae telling me to do it that way to have less periods and to control the endo.

I’m not quite sure what types of contraception help endo apart from the pill...

I just don’t want to be on the pill anymore because since I’ve been taking it back to back my sex drive is non existent and it’s starting to affect my relationship now. I’m going to make an apppintment with my GP this week to refer me back to gynae to see what they suggest but I’m wondering what you ladies do?

I don’t want to come off the pill completely without asking my gynae because I know I will just be in even more agony without it but on the other hand I need my sex drive back 😩😩

Im only 20 and I just don’t feel normal being this age with no sex drive and in constant pain

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I know not everyone gets on with the Mirena Coil but you could try this form of contraception. Personally I have not got on with it however I know many women who sing its praises, hope this helps and you find the one right for you as I tried the combined pill and this made my whole situation worse. X


Yeah I’ve heard about the mirena coil but I was told you’ve got to have it in for 5 years? I’m planning on trying for a baby in the next 2 years so not sure whether the coil would be suitable x


Oh wow 😀 I know people who have not had it for the whole 5 years . But I think treatment for Endo and contraception is a really personal thing so sometimes it is a bit of trial and error. X


Yeah I’ll ask my gynae about it and see what he thinks x


I came off the pill because it didn't suit my body (was on it for 10 years): weight gain, and low sex drive. It's the hormones in it that inhibit the testosterone that control the sex drive, so you may find a pill helps, but none will completely restore it.

There is now research out there that shows the long term effects of being on the pill can mean it takes longer for regular cycles with egg production therefore fertility can take a year to come back. Bear in mind the pill doesn't stop endo it just puts it in a state of hibernation so when you're off it you may want to have it all looked at and see if you can have surgery to remove some if not all of the endo, that would help with the symptoms while getting your sex drive back.

I don't get why specialists put the younger age group on the pill right away; I mean that just stalls it for a few years, they'll still need to look at it later in life. And the endo has a chance to get worse with every breakthrough bleed (when the person is off the pill). I don't like that we get asked whether we are planning for a family or not: I mean what if I don't know yet! Why are the options pill or pregnancy, surely treatment i.e. surgery to remove some would be best?? Yes it's surgery but some of us have gone through a lot more invasive procedures at younger ages so doctors can't say it's risky. Sorry just my thoughts!


I completely agree with you. My sex drive was fine until I had to take it back to back 3 monthly so I’m not sure whether to just go back to taking it monthly but then I’ll be in more pain. I just don’t know x


would surgery be an option? as removing some could help, then take the pill as normal?


I had surgery in September and the endo was removed then x


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