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Sorry, me again! Had my lap on Tuesday and they told me to remove the dressings after 5 days, so done that just now. The lower two seem ok and have strips on but the belly button one looks a bit messy, not infected or anything but a bit gunky...I imagine it is stitched as opposed to strips? So my question is, should I clean it and if so how? It doesn't look like my belly button, a bit flatter! I've never been bothered by wounds/blood, until today where this has made me feel very queasy! So any cleaning tips or advise appreciated! Thanks xx

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  • Sounds like your recovery well. I would use Boiling water that's aloud to cool mix in some salt and wipe with Cotten pads if you have some. Make sure you pat the wound dry. If there is any puss tho you might need antibiotics. Hope this helps xx

  • Thank you! It looks like there may be glue as stitches in the belly button...does that sound right do you know? Thank you for your help! X

  • When I removed my dressings, they were all fine but my belly button one had a little blood as well. I just went into the shower and it came off. I suppose you can get warm water and just bathe it gently. Glad to hear you are recovering well. x

  • Ah ok, glad its not just me! Did you have what looks like glue as stitches? They didnt tell me what was used but it looks as if they have used glue to stick the belly button back together! Thank you 😊 x

  • Oh I can't see anything like that to be honest but it wouldn't surprise me as the wound is so small. They all look great though. So small and clean! I was saying that I have a bruise on my arm still from my blood test that was taken over three weeks ago and my belly looks great after surgery! Did you manage to clean it up a little? x

  • Ah fair enough! Yes, the sites are tiny and only one is bruised! Its very impressive what they can do! I have gently tried to wipe it but it still looks like glue inside...definitely not infected, but I might call the hospital in the morning to make sure it is glue...it is very swollen and deformed so hard to see haha! Thank you for your help 😊 x

  • Just to say that the dissolvable stitches aren't always dissolvable. I went for a follow-up appointment 2 weeks after my lap and they hadn't dissolved and my belly button looked a bit like you have described (the stitches were tiny and it looked like there was some glue in there)- the consultant removed the stitches and then my belly button etc looked fine. They can be removed at the local GP surgery as well. So I would get it checked to see if the stitches are still there and maybe pulling on your skin- it was easy for them to remove the stitches and it didn't hurt. Hope this helpsx

  • Ah ok then - thank you as that is really good to know yours looked like that too! I will definitely see them if they are like that after two weeks 😊 Thank you for your help 😊 x

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