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Constant Pain


I had severe lower right abdominal pain 12 weeks ago and as a result my appendix was removed. However the surgeon said that my appendix was normal. also that she removed a lot of fluid from my abdomen. The pain continued and worsened. I eventually managed to get a gynae appt but because my pain is constant (rather than fluctuating around my period) the gynae team don't think it's endometriosis. I have the implant so my periods are very irregular- could this explain why I have constant pain? anyone else have any experience of this?

Huge amounts of thanks in advance.


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Endo symptoms cone in lots of forms, and it's a huge myth that it's only around period times, you can get constant pain too, I get pain daily and I've had a hysterectomy for adenomyosis so no periods at all,

Ask your go to send you to a bsge specialist centre, xxx


Thank you so much for replying. I thought as much but had no basis for this. Much love and I hope you find pain relief soon. x


My daughter was in the same position in constant pain in the right side but kept getting fobed off saying there was nothing wrong blood works was fine scans were fine and was told it was it was all in her mind, she was in and out of hospital and was treated very badly . At that time we suspected endo but was told it was not that as it would show up in the blood . I was so worried about her I took her to a private hospital and saw a endo specialist he said there was enough evidence to go in and have a look as that's the only way to tell , she had surgery a few days later and she had , adhesions and minimal endo she is so much better now althow is now having bleeding issues with the pill she has been told this should sort it's self out ask your doctor to refere You to a specialist and good luck xx


Thank you for replying. I'm glad she's getting better now. xxx


Your story read very similar to mine cakeordeath73 !

I was having on/off pain for around 3 years and my doctors told me to 'learn to live with it'

In October I was in agony and saw the doctor who sent me straight to hospital, the next day had my appendix removed. In the morning they told me my appendix was fine but removed anyway. But the say the found a lot of blood which they removed to test.

My pain continued to get worse and despite the hospital tests telling my doctor the bloody tested positive for Endo I still had to fight to get referred. Second lap in 6 months showed I have end which was removed/treated on the spot.

I see my specialist next weeke for my follow up and should get som more information regarding the op and what was found.

Unfortunately I can't comment on the implant as I tried it in the past and got some very bad side effect so it was removed quickly, but the rest of your story is like ready my own diary!!

Keep pushing for something to be done before things get worse.



wow! that is so similar. Thanks for letting me know- will have more confidence when speaking to doctors. xxx

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I kept getting lower left sided pain when on a period and I was taking into hospital 3 times blood works were fine scan came back clear and kept fobbing me of and I told them that I no that my symptoms were endometriosis 14 months it took for me to be taking seriously and when I had my lap they found aheadions on pouch of Douglas area and endo in my womb don't give up hope and keep pushing for a referral to a bsge centre xx


aw bless you! glad you've got a diagnosis now. and I will do thanks! xxx


Hope u do to let me know how u get on xx


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