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Post hysterectomy but have developed pelvic pain


Im 50. I had a hysterectomy just over 6 months ago as I had huge fibroids and really heavy bleeding. My op went well but 3 months after I developed pelvic pain through to my back which is constant 24 hours a day. I have had it for 5 months. Gynae have x rayed me, blood tests and scanned. All ok. I feel lifeless most of the time and feel sick as well. Any suggestions please. I am going around in circles not getting anywhere. Is it possible that I have endometriosis? Could I have had it for a while or would have gynae seen it when they performed my hysterectomy ?

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Hi gillie I had a hysterectomy 4 months ago for adenonymis I’m in so much pain and my kidney hurt too I’ve had a scan which showed nothing they may take me back to theatre 😀

My gyno said it could be scar tissue or adlesions it’s terribke on my left side

Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry you're i pain too. Im just going round in circles between my gp and gynae. Not sure what to do next

How did they know it was scar tissue or were they guessing?

My gyno seen scarring when he did my hysterectomy top of tummy and now he’s guessing I may have scarring from surgery of the hysterectomy? I’m wondering if it’s endo as I had adenomysis!!

I've just been to see my gp. She said that mine could be scarring as well from the op. It's just guess work though isn't it ?

Yes probably Endo and or nerve damage. Time will tell what it is. Gentle Floor stretches might help or make it worse! I hope it becomes bearable. My Endo is everywhere so wasn't a option as self-sufficient pockets of Endo no longer required periods to continue growing. I am 60. I live on Codiadramol and morphine and can't work. There is no more help available for me as I have had all the drugs, damaged organs and can have no further surgery unless it is life saving and have been told I would probably then loss bowel and bladder with a hsyo.

I'm sorry to hear that. It's rotten for you ☹️

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