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Laparoscopy and myomectomy

On Thursday 2nd June I've finally been booked in for a laparoscopy and myomectomy, day case. I've been suffering with constant bladder discomfort since Nov 15 and I've always suffered with heavy and very painful periods. I had a mirena coil implanted two years ago which has stopped the bleeding but not the pain. I'm after some advice of what to expect after my surgery please.

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I had a laparoscopy in January. The most important thing is listen to your body. I found that I might get up for half an hour and then just need to go back to sleep! Have something to help you with your bowels, I got quite constipated which didn't help! Sitting/sleeping slightly upright was more comfortable for me so lots of pillows.

The worst pain for me was actually shoulder pain on the evening after the laparoscopy due to the gas they pump in to your body. Again, sitting up helped this rather than flat. Take as much help as you are offered and be kind to yourself!!

Good luck tomorrow, I really hope it all goes well for you!

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Hi Sumul

Thank you, I've got things in ready for constipation and I've got some mint chews. Luckily I've got a v pillow so that will help.

The nerves are kicking in know and I'm just hoping finally I will get some answers.



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