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Can the pain be returning so soon?

Hi All,

I had a laperotomy done in May, where my ovaries were removed and extensive work done on adhesions that I had. No active endo was found.

I was also "painted" inside with a solution that supposedly helps to prevent adhesions forming again.

Over the last few weeks I have began to feel the familiar pain returning, which i presume was down to the adhesions. Is it too soon for the pain to be returning?

Would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has had a similiar experience.

Wishing you all a pain free day!! xx

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Hey sorry to read you are in pain. I had a laparoscopy and adhesiolysis in november and sadly the pain was back by late January and the adhesion were alraedy showing on my scan by May (ovary's movement is affected) so it is possible for the pain to be back. I'd say go back to the doctor. Sending you happy tummy vibes xx


Thank you - pleased i'm not imagining it!!! Hope you get sorted - sending those tummy vibes right back at you!!!! xx


Yes, my pain was back within two months. After six months, I had scans which showed adhesions and a large cyst had reformed. I am now talking with the consultant about further surgery options, and drug options.

Do you mind me asking, what was the solution that you were "painted" with in your surgery?

Have you noticed any side effects from that? Do you think it has helped at all?

Did you request it, or did your surgeon suggest it?

Best wishes,

Tea Cosey


Thanks teacosey - to quote my letter from my consultant - "Adept anti-adhesion fluid was left in the peritoneal cavity at the end of the procedure."

I've not had any side effects from it that I've noticed - although after my op, there was a lot of fluid in my drain, which they attributed to the anti- adhesion fluid.

I had not heard of this fluid until the surgeon spoke to me after my op and said that he had used it. - If the pain I'm feeling is adhesion related I can't say that it's helped- although when I've asked my consultant he said there was a high percentage of it helping!!! I'm not convinced, but didn't want to come across as negative or defeatist!

Hope you find a solution that benefits you, Best wishes, Shrek.


Hmmm... Lots to think about..... It was mentioned in one of my consultations as an option, but I couldn't find out much info. So thanks for replying hon x


With adept, they don't paint it but rather fill your pelvis with the adept fluid so it sloshes around and stops things sticking to each other. Or at least that's the theory - it doesn't work for everyone.

It's interesting - if they found no active endo and removed your ovaries, technically you shouldn't be growing any more endo. If the adhesions were caused by the surgery, you'd think that this pain would have started sooner after the op. Still, this is all in theory - since there are many ladies whose endo returns after a full hyst.

My suspicion would be that you had microscopic endo or disease below the surface that they couldn't see (or they missed some) which is causing pain and possibly causing adhesions to form. Are you on HRT and are you still having bleeds?


thanks cupcake - I'm on a small dose of HRT - 2.5mg of livial - (i had partial hysterectomy 11yrs ago) and ovaries removed in May. They thought the pain I was experiencing was due to a return of the endo, but it seemed to be adhesions from my hysterectomy - don't know what's occurring now :-( x


Well it could definitely be the HRT, I know lots of ladies who have had endo return after a hyst and been told that HRT is the culprit (although no-one has ever been able to explain to me how that's possible if you're not bleeding and they removed all the endo!).

I had pains last year that I was convinced was caused by adhesions - a ripping / tearing pain with sudden movements / coughing etc. I had a lap and they removed endo but said I had no adhesions - I don't particularly trust the gynae that did it to be honest, and it would be weird to have no adhesions when they removed endo, I'd had four previous laps and my last one had been five years before that. The pain has gone since the lap though - so either they lied and did remove adhesions, or it was the endo.

I wish I could go back to my old specialist who gave me DVDs of my laps so I knew what was done!


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