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Pain medication???

Hi ladies!

I'm coming to a bit of a dilemma on changing pain pills and need some advice before I bring it up with my GP. I'm currently taking codeine, but I want to come off it due to the nausea, constipation and "woozy" feeling I get with it. My problem is I can't take NSAIDs (eg naproxen, ibuprofen) anymore as they give me stomach ulcers. I also can't take tramadol because I react badly. Have any of you been through this and what was your next option?

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I take dihydracodine as can t take NSIDS codine or tramadol . It sees to be ok with me I have bowel and bladder issues with the endo and adenomyosis too. Hope this helps .


I took dihydracodeine but it gave me dry mouth and bad headaches. I'm on amitriptlyne now which seems to be working! You take a 20mg dose before bed and it makes you sleepy too. It was originally used as an anti-depressant but in much lower doses it was found to do other things in your brain which in turn help chronic pain! Xx


I am finding codyramol is actually working for me.. Tramadol etc weren't working they suggested that instead.. It doesn't seem to hav that same wooziness and cocodamol. Although it's maybe not as strong as tramadol for me it works better!


I was on codeine for years as it successfully covered my pain, however eventually my tolerance grew and I became physically dependent on it - which was not good! I accessed support to safely address the problem and have successfully reduced and stopped altogether. I was recently suggested Nefopam (Acupan) as a non-addictive alternative to opiate-based/addictive painkillers, such as codeine, tramadol dihydracodeine and morphine. I will definitely be asking for this from my GP in the future as withdrawals from opiate-based medication are definitely not something I want to experience again!



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