Pain going down legs?

Hey ladies hope ur all ok , I'm having a very very bad day Ive been in tears most of the day with pain. I've took naproxen tramadol and paracetamol but it's not easing it at all :( but I'm now getting pains down my legs from my bum cheeks and front of my legs, has anyone ever had this and how do I stop it please!!! I can't take much more pain xx

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  • Hi, I often get pain down my left leg when I am on my period and also get a feeling like my legs are bruised and sore to touch. Mine isn't too severe and I tend to be ok on ibuprofen but sounds like you are suffering alot worse. I was give some advice once that the best thing for the leg pain is a hot tub/jacuzzi type thing. I have a jacuzzi bath and find the warmth and bubbles do help x

  • Thanks hun it feels my siattic nerve but ive never had it when I've like this my leg keeps twitching too

  • I also get restless legs like I cannot keep them still. Hope someone comes along with some better advice than me :)

  • Thanks hun x

  • I have bad sciatic pain that runs all down one leg at the moment. I found hot baths and showers and exercises help to ease it. I also take solpadeine plus for the pain, if it's having a day where it's going down the back of my leg. I also find my lower back/hip constantly clicks and crunches. I am not sure how much of it is holding your back posture funny from the lower back pain. Before I got sciatica, I had pain on the other side in my uterosacral ligament. I figured, stooping and limping from the pain of that has somehow puched my spine funny and causing the sciatica. I found that knee to chest stretches help to alleviate in the short term x

  • oh and the twitching is probably from the muscle stress of the sciatica. I read that it's best to stop that pain from happening down the back of your leg, cos keeping on pushing it can cause permanent damage to the sciatic nerve. So in summery, rest it, stretch it, and keep warming up those sore muscles.

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