Back Pain

Back Pain

Please can anybody offer any suggestions?

Woke up screaming this morning its in my left side and my buttocks is swollen on the same side, my shoulders and blades hurt, my stomach is really sore, I've got swelling in my knees, hands, my joints are hurting and my meds aren't working. I've had pins and needles on and off in my feet. Hot water bottle isn't working and I'm itchy all over. I've got extensive bloating in my left side of my abdomen too.

Please any suggestions? I can't think straight :(

I've taken paracetamol, codeine and I'm back on ibuprofen as a last resort but I do have a stomach ulcer so its kind of a one off solution I'm desperate now I can't take this...I've got amatryptaline too but I take them at bed time hence the sleep I managed to get last night.

This is driving me mad and crying makes it all worse, anything is worth a try! 

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  • Phone gp pronto at least speak to someone over the phone before wkend!

  • Hi Kelly , I'm sorry you're in so much pain Hun, I don't have any suggestions other than to give go a call and ask their advise. Sending very gentle hugs you way.

  • Thanks girls, rang the Dr couldn't get a phone consultation BUT he MAY phone me any minute now, she said he MIGHT be able to squeeze me in at the end of surgery. Fingers crossed otherwise I'll need to make an appt Monday morning coz they don't book appointments this far in advance...she said there's always the walk-in centre if your desperate over the weekend...I've had so many pain killers I felt a bit spacy but I've had tea and I'm just trying to relax and get ready for bed gonna leave any more meds now I've had amatrytaline and a codeine after I ate hopefully I'll drop off soon xx

  • Hi Hun I hope you get some sleep. If you're not any better in morning go to walk in centre. Take care sweetie

  • Hi Kelly, how are you feeling today? Hope you had a better night.

  • You poor soul, how are you today? X

  • Girls I feel so much better today, still got twinges and my neck/shoulder is pretty sore but my back has eased up I managed to get a bit of sleep so that helped too. Didn't speak to the doctor but I'm gonna go over Monday up my amatryptaline to 20mg and ask for diazipam (maybe I heard they're very easy to get addicted to) I'll show him the pic and no doubt be told 'its fine' its not him living like this though so I'll probably have a hissy fit when he fobs me off xx

  • Hi Kelly. Stand your ground Hun. Glad you're a bit better but take it easy .

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