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Pain :(

So yesterday my GP told me all my tablets combined can make me stop breathing at anytime she was really straight to the point and said you can drop dead at any minute looking at you medication is make me feel uncomfortable and have palpataions! The problem is I have so many hospital admissions while I'm on my medication because my pain still becomes unbareable I'm worried that if I stop it I will be in hospital constantly! I'm still waiting for my date for my op which I think I will get on the 12th feb! I'm so scared about the op because it such a big, and difficult operation! I haven't taken my oramorph since yesterday morning and now I can barely walk, going back to my GP today to discuss my medication as I can't settle now and don't want to take it! I have a 6 year old little boy who I need to get better for so I can enjoy life with him :( xxx

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Hi, I totally agree with your gp and findit refreshing that a doctor would give you the truth instead of just dishing out more meds. I'M a true believer that food can act as a medicine and cutting out the wrong food types can relieve pain and inflammation. There is a lot in the media about negative effects of sugar in the diet. Since cutting out sugar and dairy,caffeine, red meat and going organic,(been wheat free for years) I would say that I am 90% better than I was this time last year. It's worth researching the effects of food and giving diet a go even just for a couple of weeks and see what difference it makes to your quality of life. But you have to be strict to see the true effects.

I feel for you having to bring up a small child and being so ill.

Hope things improve for you soon.

Take care xx


When I went back to see the GP today she said she was surprised that I went back to see her after yesterday and I said to her I prefer people to be harsh with the truth rather than beat around the bush! She has dropped down some of my medication but won't tough my painkillers as she said they understand I need them right night.. I have just started a healthy eating diet myself hoping I will feel better and that it will help my bowels! How bad is my your endometriosis? That's great that changing your diet has helped! I have looked up a lot of things to do with endometriosis and have read that rishi mushroom extracts can help I am will try to herbal stuff as I don't want to be on medication xxx


I have stage 4 endometriosis with adhesions galore which have affected my kidney (explains all the problems I had last year !!!)

I have a 10 year old boy who I'm prepping for grammar school exams so I can empathize with you bringing up a small childup. Have suffered with endometriosis for years before being diagnosed and secondary infertility. Have had four or five laps, latest one on 31st to remove my fallopian tubes and remove more adhesions. But I can honestly say, that I am better since getting stricter with my diet and wish somebody had advised me years ago.

Just be careful vwith the herbs as they are not regulated and can cause side effects. I would start ith changing your diet and cutting out processed foods. It takes a lot of organising and planning meals. It can be fun to try out new recipes, loads available on the web. I also have found that I have saved money on my weekly shop this way believe it or not even though I eat organic.

Good luck xx

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Yeah mine Is stage 4 too I have problems with my bowels so hoping the fresh fruit and veg will help! Really I haven't done any research on herbal things yet so don't really know anything about it! I have fertility problems too but now found out I am allergic to my husbands semen so won't be able to conceive naturally anyway! So what kind of meals do u eat? And thank you for all your advice xxx


forgot to add that's why I was gonna try the mushroom thing as its meant to help the seamen allergy xx


Meal suggestions are readily available on internet, but if you like Indian food, curries etc it's good because it ticks a lot of the boxes, but only if you make them yourself - not the takeaway rubbish. Wheat free naana are readily available at Tesco.

Soups are really good-carrot&coriander soup is excellent for the gut. Chicken and fish, salmon is excellent source of omega3 keeps out inflammation. Try to get organic chicken. Handful of nuts everyday including walnuts. Naked bars are good if need a sweet treat every now and again as contains no refined sugar. You can make your own chocolate using raw cacao, coconut oil and Truvia (plant sugar)

For breakfast , wheat free toast spread with nut butters or coconut oil (has to be raw organic) or gluten free oats cooked in water with flaxseed and maple syrup with a bit of cinnamon. Avocado, mixed leaf salad and tomato on wheat free bread with a bit of mustard mayonnaise.

These are just some of what I eat, possibilities are endless. You just have to experiment.


Aww thanks so much really appreciate that! I think I am gonna try it because I struggle to eat most days I only have a bowl of cereal that what I've had tonight and still feel bloated crappy and irritable which isn't normal off a bowl of cereal but I'm really struggling with my bowels too so I think that may be why I can't really eat! Thank you again hun :)) xx


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