10 days post total lap hysterectomy along with endo ablation and ovaries being removed.

Hi all. After a very lengthy op (4 hours) I have finally had everything removed and sorted. The issue I have and need some advice on is that I bled for first 4 days stopped for 4 days and now I am bleeding considerably and don't know if this is normal? Anyone's help or advice would help? Xxx

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Hi Hun, glad it went ok . If your not sure I would give either them or GP a call to check. Unfortunately I can't offer any advise as I had a TAH and never bled at all even though I was told I would do.

I'm now 11 weeks post op and about to go back to work on Monday.

Make sure you get plenty of rest and don't go overdoing things. Take care Hun.

Hi Jean, do u think u are ready to go back to work that quite a short time off?

I'm going to keep check overnight and go hospital in the morning 😁 Just worried as blood is fresh bright red light something has torn 🙈


Yeah I'm not sure but I can't afford not to. In so much debt already.

To best to get things checked . The last thing you need right now is an infection if something has torn. Let me know how you get on.

I would check too, I had a hysterectomy in July for adenomyosis and I didn't bleed much, by was warned I could, take it easy and rest, eat well and keep bowels moving well, xxx

I would go to your GP or ring your consultant's secretary and leave a message. I had same surgery as you in 2014 and my bleeding was not normal. I had a post op infection and needed antibiotics. I'm not suggesting you have an infection but you must get checked out. You've had serious surgery and need to take care. Please let me know how you get on. 18 months later and I'm a new woman! X

Hi Mrs button, thanks for you message. How did they know there was an infection which tests did they do? Was your blood fresh red blood? I am getting worried 😔 Xx

I had a temperature, cold sweats and vomiting. They prescribed me antibiotics then did a blood test to see what it was and to see if it had gone. Bleeding started red but then turned brown. I had pelvic pain which was to be expected but it got worse not better. Ended up in a & e with a burst haematoma so please see a doctor. I don't want to alarm you, I just want you to see medical help. Heavy bleeding is not to be expected and should not continue for days, it should get lighter and stop altogether. Phone the ward you were on for advice as I'm guessing your GP won't be open on a Saturday. X

Thanks a lot really appreciate your advice and I will make that call. Will let u know I get on. X

I would get it checked out I passed a lot of fresh blood 4 days post lavh & endo removal off bowel, I had torn my internal stitches due to being severely constipated, hope you get it sorted!

Hi, how did they find out u had torn your stitches was it by a scan or internal exam? I went a&e they have requested a scan and bloods been taken and I had internal exam which showed no obvious problems. X

Hi I was sent to emergency gyne by my gp as was passing a lot of blood had internal exam & they could feel a gap where cervix was, also had ct scan, hope you get it sorted as I've now got a bladder prolapse & ongoing pain from bladder I'm certain was caused by the complications 😳 Good luck 👍

Hi, sorry for late reply 😔 Been having terrible time since total hysterectomy plus extensive stage 4 endo removal 🙈 This was 6 weeks ago and since then had 5 infections and ongoing bladder issues and wonder what's going on as have blood and protein in my wee and no infection showing on culture at hospital 😳 My GP thinks there is either internal bleeding or damage to bladder as I had a massive nodule taken between my bladder and bowel. Any advice welcome as am scared how they can fix this.

Leanne X

Hi Hun it might be worth asking for cystoscopy, which is where the use a very small camera through the urethra to look inside bladder. It would show if there is damage.

I'm sorry things are going well for you.

You've been through enough already without all this.

Keep us updated Hun. Sending hugs.

Thanks jean I'm so scared of future surgery 🙈 Awaiting to see dr Cocker now. How are u? Xx

I'm doing ok regarding hysterectomy. Finally feel much better. The only problem I have now is that I've got 3 herniated discs in lower spine compromising the nerves, so still in pain. It was originally thought the lower back was due to the endo and adeno. Had mri a couple of weeks ago and seeing the specialist on Tuesday. Hoping there is something they can do as I start a new job on 11th July. Fear I may need another op. On Amitriptyline for the nerve pain, not sure whether it's really helping other than helping me sleep which is nice.things have either got worse or it's not actually having an effect on pain.

Have they said what they are going to do to get you sorted?

Hi Jean

How did it go today?


Good and bad. Mri showed no herniated discs. She said I've basically got nerve damage. Have to have physio, which may help. She did say I may never be pain free.

Not sure whether this has been caused due to endo, the op or something else.

Mri showed severe swelling and what looked like fatty deposits on spine.

So it looks like I'm just going to have to learn to deal with being in pain for the rest of my life.

Hope you're ok .

Hope you're ok. I'm having the same procedure tomorrow so I wanted to say hi, and to say I hope the bleeding is now under control.



Hi Susan

How did your op go really hope it went ok.


Hiya, thanks for thinking of me. The op was yesterday. My pelvis was a mess and it took around 4 hours but all good. I've been up and walking today and due to go home tomorrow. So feeling good.

Have my HRT all sorted (Estrogel) and hopefully that will kick in and won't make me feel mad.

Consultant reconfirmed it was the only real decision because of the state I was in when he looked around. So, I'm feeling positive 😁.

Suze xx


Hope u slept well. I just wondered how old you was and have they already started u on HRT I still haven't had my follow up and getting concerned I should have started taking it 😔. Did they do keyhole for your op?


Hi Leannekate,

I'm 42 and I had it all done through keyhole.

They did the op on Monday afternoon : evening and I was started on HRT on Tuesday.

Before the op i asked to be started on HRT immediately so this had all been arranged before hand.

I should get discharged from hospital today and should have a follow up with him again in 2 weeks time.

When was your op? Also I think it would be dependant on your age (and how bossy you are) as to when the HRT gets started. Not everyone asks for HRT after having the op.

Mine was the same I had my op 7 weeks ago and just returned this week to work short days. I'm 45 but I asked about HRT and they dismissed it and said talk about that later 😔 Hope u get discharged ok where are u from? X

If I were you if push for the HRT if you want it. The reason I have the Estrogel is they can change dosage because it's not a pill or a patch. I'm from Scotland but I live near Guildford in Surrey. What about you? Also, my email is susan74.venton@gmail.com if you want to chat :) x

I have been referred to urodynamics & uro gyne for bladder issues since my hystrectomy, might be worth asking for a referral x

Hi, what symptoms did you have and how long after hysterectomy?x

I can't empty fully & need to go straight after going, worse at night,

slow stream & have to lean forward to empty fully mostly when have a full bladder stream is very weak, symptoms started straight after hystrectomy had op October 2015, only now seeing urodynamics, have taken bladders meds but they have unpleasant side effects so stopped. Hope this helps my consultant said side effect of hystrectomy can be bladder has fallen out of place & pelvic floor weakened especially without estrogen.😄


Did you have any signs of blood/protein in your wee or any infections after your op? I have but on culture there is no infection so doctor worried where the blood is coming from. 😁

Hope u get yours sorted out after all this time.


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