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Mirena Coil/Iron

Hi all,

I had my diagnostic lap on 11th March and with that I was given a Mirena Coil to manage the symptoms (heavy, painful periods, bleeding after sex and such). Well I have been on a prolonged period since then (well I was on my period before the lap so around 12 weeks ish now). This is not ideal as I am a third year law student in the midst of my exams! But I know it can take up to 6 months to regulate. Anyway, I had bloods to check for anaemia etc... my results came back and I have very low iron and folic acid (unsurprisingly). I have now been given Iron tablets but they are making me feel so sick and its not ideal given the exams! I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about curbing the sickness or other methods of iron! I am also on folic acid tablets and I was prescribed Microgynon to stop the bleeding just whilst I get through my exams!

Thanks for reading x

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