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So as many of you know I have endo and pelvic congestion syndrome and have the coil to hopefully help with that.

I have been on antibiotics due to an infection but came off them on Thursday- the whole time I've been ill and shaking, having diarrhoea and sick but was told to stick with them.

Today I have been having diarrhoea, have been sick, feel nauseous and freezing cold and am bleeding. The pelvic pain is awful and it literally feels like I've been repeatedly kicked in the vagina!

If this carries on I'll be ringing 101 as its a Sunday and can't get much help at the moment!

Please please please comment with some advise or anything!

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Please Hun give them a ring there could be an issue with the coil if you're bleeding when you shouldn't be and with the pain. You could also be allergic to to antibiotics. So give them a call.


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