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What is happening???!!


I have endometriosis and have recently started trying for a baby (slowly as most of you know sex can be difficult!) . I have been feeling tired, having bouts of nausea, back pain and hot flushes which led me to think I'm pregnant! But I've done 2 tests both negative. I was due for my period 2 days ago and today have started spotting pinky/reddish blood but still not started my period. All these symptoms point to pregnancy as far I can find on the Web! Does anyone have any advice on what it could be?

Thanks x

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Hi..Id love to think you are pregnant. Have you come off some sort of hormone therapy in an attempt to become pregnant?


No I haven't been on hormone therapy yet. It would be lovely to think I am but don't want to get my hopes up!


Hi I was exactly the same! I started my period 5 days late once and actually thought I was pregant but all the test were negative. Iv been trying for over a year now and no luck. I would say keep trying and try not to get too down if it's a negative. Good luck x


Sorry to hear that I hope it happens for you soon. It's the combination of symptoms that's confusing me. I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor anyway so we'll see. Thank you x

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I also hope this is good news for you and you are in fact pregnant. The spotting you describe could be implantation bleeding but again I don't want to get your hopes up-it's such a frustrating time when you are trying especially in our circumstances. It may be too early for the test to pick up a positive result so I would give yourself another week and if still no sign of your period, take another test. According to my mother, in her day, they waited for 2 missed periods before taking the test (!) but from experience, I know we are far less patient and the tests are so much more advanced nowadays that they can pick up early positive results. Wishing you lots of luck, don't put too much pressure on yourself and keep us all posted. x


Thank you all for the advice. Sadly I suffered what the doctors believe was an early miscarriage. I would have been only 1-2 weeks. I am sad but looking to keep positive. For me the positive is that I managed to get pregnant however brief which gives me hope for the future that with the right timing and hormone therapy I maybe able to become pregnant again. Good luck to everyone x


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