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Painful nights,is this normal with endo??

I have been having painful periods forever. currently waiting on lap.

I have cut out alcohol,caffeine,diary and carbs.

but at night after eaten . I get woken up by upper abs stomach,upper back and armpit pain?

Its only relived by been sick.

is this normal with this condition??

please help nearly went a&e last night :( I'm at the end of my tether)

this has been happening since March I've lost 2 stone due to cutting everything out. with no improvement.

darent eat for fear of pain,causing major anxiety xxxx

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I'm very sorry but I have no idea if this is normal or not but didn't want to read this and click off. I would suggest that you go back to your GP and see what they say.

I hope you get some answers and some pain relief soon.

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Shame Hun not good it causing you anxiety I found into also suffer with the pains you are describing though I feel sick I've. Never Been sick so unsure if the pain would go if I was sick, I also suffer with the anxiety which my doctor gave me anti depressant citlaopram 20 mg and it has made a difference, could you be constipated as I had severe constipation and caused similar pains as these pains. I said I couldn't be constipated as was having diorea though they said it was the over spill of being so compacted. Here if you need to chat. I have it now as I type feels like my whole stomach has serve cramp 😢 take care Hun xxxx


could constipation cause this,much pain !! Im ok if I eat small meals .

going have go back doctor's I think.

never thought about that thank you xxxx

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Hope you get some answers from gp Hun, yeah unfortunately constipation can be very painful Hun xxxxxx


couldn't get it in docs so went work dead on my feet after no sleep. then come on today on day off so on the good old co codemol xxx thanks for asking


Hopefully the co codomal works for you Hun, it too can cause constipation so maybe worth asking for movical to you can take one to two sachets per day and does help with getting to toilet as being bunged up can lead to more pain and discomfort Hun xxxx


can you take with co codemol?

I just hardly eat now. eaten a tin of meatballs in Tom sauce all day.

can't eat for anxiety incase of pain. bad eh xxx


Yes Hun, well I was prescribed it to avoid the constipation, shame not good you feeling like that maybe as for some cbt therapy counciling for the anxiety and remember here if you need an ear xxxx


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