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Help, my man does not understand what I'm going through!

This is a rant I'm afraid. I've been sick on and off for 2 years with after effects of pelvic inflammatory disease and I suffer daily with chronic pelvic pain, currently heavy bleeding, feeling sick and lethargic, anxious about missing so much work and all my man can say is you gotta get on with it and pull yourself together. I tell you most men don't have the damn foggiest idea what we women go through. How dare they say these things as if it's all normal and sure we can all put on a Happy face get dressed and skip down the damn road! NOT! What is wrong with them. If they went through what we did I'm damn sure they would not cope as we do. Phew rant over thanx for reading xx if you need to rant too, feel free xx🤗

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Hey! Omg I know how you feel babe! My ex was a prick but he never understood the pain I was in during my period and during sex (I was nearly crying in pain) but he carried on anyways.

My new bf is a bit more understanding but I always feel sorry for him when I complain all the time when it’s my period haha. But still doesn’t understand a lot of things even though he’s trying.

My dad on the other hand, is just like your man. He thinks I’m lying and just being lazy when I can’t get out of bed due to the pain of period cramps and crying. It’s so frustrating so I know how you feel

Have you tried getting him to read things online about endo and what it actually is and that it’s not treatable in a way apart from surgeries etc. Xx


Thanx for response. My man is easy going and good to me but it's so frustrating when you ask him his opinion and all you get is just gotta get on with it. I'm jyst not gonna bother asking him anymore. best thing really x


My partner never believed in my pain and always criticised the amount of painkillers I take. It’s all in your head, he used to say, you can deal with it. But then after my lap, When the surgeon was explaining the damage and showing pictures, something clicked in his head. He did some research on the internet and he admitted he was wrong. Hopefully yours will realise it too


I understand your situation, im single but I get the same of my mum and dad. I think unless you suffer yourself it is hard to understand due to years of people being told that women suffer with periods and its normal and is nothing to complain about. The fact that 1 in 10 females suffer should make this debilitating disease be taught at schools during health lessons and much more information provided. The horrific part is although it is proven to cause so many life altering issues many doctors don't understand the pathophysiology, epidemiology and aetiology.


Not uterus no opinion! It’s as simple as that! X

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My other half has been amazing, and the last week or so I've needed him to do absolutely everything - BUT it has taken me a while to convince him I'm not being lazy, or having a rest, I genuinely can barely move. I think it's difficult for men, they have absolutely no concept of period pain, or anything in that 'area'

Reading may be the best thing for him - help him to understand it is real and isn't just you. You need his support - physically and emotionally


Yes yes and yes, i totaly get what your saying, my partner of 20 years is driving me mad, oh god whats rong with you today he would say, more pain, think you should go to drs an make them treat you, erm yes think im trying that, if they could feel what we do for just one day they wouldnt moan at us anymore, as for sex im sick of it thats all he wants i do try but they he puts me down and says im boring because i cant do what i used to, maybe i am and i do try to understand from his piont of veiw but when will he understand it from mine, im not putting this 8n, i dont ask for my body to act this way, i am trying to get well, i hate hearing myself say i dont feel to good it sounds like a stuck record., talking to them doesnt help he closes his ears. Im glad im not the only one goin threw partner issues aswell as everythin else i deal with,


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