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Mirena Coil - A success (for once)

I just wanted to swing by and sing my praises about the Mirena Coil as - when I was doing my research - I heard only horror stories and it put me off.


I had a diagnostic lap that showed endo scarring in my pouch of douglas. I'd had the implant for about 5 years which we decided had probably inhibited growth somewhat,unfortunately my periods were back and I was back to the excruciating pain that I got when I was a kid. Endometriosis and other female related issues runs in the family (yay me) and I wanted something that should keep any growths at bay. Bring on the coil.

The procedure...

Not going to lie or sugar coat this, it hurt... but not as much as I'd thought. It's an indescribable pain and I forgot about it very quickly. I had a relatively smooth insertion (I've not had children, have a tilted uterus, and smears or any internals are usually painful) but the main issue for me was I was that tense I found it hard to relax. I didn't feel the clamp but the sound isn't very comfortable when it hits the top of your uterus. Think, you've probably never had anything prod there so it's going to be an odd sensation. I took cocodamol and mefenamic acid before.

The pain aside, what they don't seem to ell you is your body can go into shock. Your cervix - if I remember from my research - doesn't have any pain receptors but having it dilated and meddled with is not a natural process so yes, your body can freak out. Very few people actually pass out and I'm prone to fainting or feeling faint anyway. A couple of minutes with my legs elevated and some water shoved down me did the trick...


No complaints. I bled for about 2 weeks only and spotted for a week after that. So far, no bleeding, no pain, nothing. I was aware there was something in me for the first month but now it's plain sailing.

I did have the implant still in at the time of insertion which I did think help with the bleeding etc. I had it removed after my 3 week check up and was told to expect some pain and bleeding as my hormone levels would be reduced. Nothing! I don't know whether it was because my 3 year was coming up on that implant anyway but I didn't experience any ill effects from having it in / having it removed at a later date. Think of it like taking oral contraceptives whilst your implant settles down 😊.

I was a little moody for a month or so and my emotions were a tad high (crying at songs.. not quite adverts yet!) but I feel fit as a fiddle now!

I hope this sheds a little positive light on something that has been given so much bad press online. Every experience is different and yes you might be one of the unlucky ones but if you're in two minds... just give it a go. Stock up on painkillers and make yourself a duvet nest to ride out the worst.

Much love,x

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This is a very reassuring post to read as I'm due laparoscopy and mirena coil insertion under anaesthetic Friday and all I've heard apart from four stories now are of it going wrong or not working. So hopefully it'll help me too!! Xx


i had the merina coil for 5 years have just gone to have it taken out and its not there !! had ultra scan cant find it.

waiting to see what doctors are going to do.


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