Ovarian Cysts (Chocolate)

I'm new here.. Just saying hello. In 2013, I first started having pain with my cysts.. Probably started the year before.. I was in agony, collapsed on the floor.. I was between periods, but I smelled like I was on my period.. I'd just been dumped by my bf (who always moaned about how bad my periods would smell, probably because of Endometriosis). I'd decided to take a Well Woman, kind of menstrual pill, with Magnesium in, never had one before.. And I don't know if it was that, but suddenly I was in agony, on the floor, feeling like an Alien was about to burst from my womb, never known pain like it. I didn't go to the Dr then, as the pain went away (maybe it ruptured). Then I moved into a new place, my ex was helping me out. Anyway, the pain happened again, it was so bad, I ended up sleeping on my new Bathroom floor, I was in agony, crying like a child. I've not had pain as bad as those first times since. But I've obviously had all the Ultrasounds, Scans. I don't have any children either.. I wasted my time with men who didn't want them. I'm not saying I even want them now, but the option being taken away is upsetting them, I wanted children at 35.. Now I'm almost 40, the age when my mum had me..

Anyway.. After my last period, I had the pain, not as bad about a week afterwards. I was going to make a Drs appointment, but luck would have it, a new Ultrasound appointment came through the post, I've been today. I have three cysts again, two on one side and one on the other.. 2x2 inches across. 4 inches.. Just kind of worried what will happen next. Never had an operation, don't want one. Really don't want to use Ibuprofen either. I don't really get much period pain, well I don't mind period pain, but I don't like cyst pain. My mother died of Ovarian Cancer, so I'm just worried. I'm overweight and I get really bloated.. Plus I can't seem to eat anything anymore everything disagrees with me, like Cheese and certain Onions. I get bad Diarrhea.. It's my hormones that are causing it, my hormones are fecked.. Wish there was some natural way to improve hormones without the pill.

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  • Upsetting me, I mean! Lol

  • You need an investigative laparoscopy. Has your gynae doc not suggested this? Or has your gp only referred you for ultrasound without gynae consult?

  • I've seen three Gynaecologists, one was a locum (in fact I think two were locums) and mumbled something about a hysterectomy.. They never even mentioned the options, I've only found out about Laparoscopy by looking on the Internet.. I'm a bit worried about that as I've never had an operation and I'm fat. :/

    I've had MRI scan, three ultrasounds and two internal ones.

  • Fat is a matter of perspective! If you have a bmi over 35 or something they may say at pre assessment that surgery may not be the best option. Otherwise they are well used to it. 

    The surgery is really straight forward, incisions are tiny and they literally won't do anything unless they find Endo - you are better knowing and having it treated than leaving it as other organs can be damaged in abdomen otherwise. The worst you will feel is the day or two after - they pump your tummy full of co2 so that they get a good view inside - the gas dissipating after can be uncomfortable. Other than that recovery is just a few wks. Check out the Endo resolved website for more info on laparoscopy and Endo in general.

  • Oh I know I have Endo, I have Ovarian Endometriosis which is slightly different. It creates Chocolate Cysts, Endometriomas.. I saw the cysts yesterday on the Ultrasound. It's just what they want to do next. I am probably over 35 bmi..

  • If you have choc cysts you prob have Endo elsewhere. Best advice get booked for lap and get it over with, go on pill after to prevent recurrence. 

    Also try weight watchers app I dropped 3 1/2 stone with it and was super easy - I'm adverse to dieting!! Fat cells produce excess oestrogen, which stimulates Endo and makes your pain worse. Try and lose some weight and also go on the Endo diet (Endo resolved website) it will help with the bowel issues as will drinking peppermint tea.

    Good luck xx

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