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Chocolate cysts


Hi everyone! I just wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience with chocolate cysts? I had a lap in September that confirmed endo but no chocolate cysts. However recently I’ve been having pain on my right side and wondered if it was possible that this could potentially be a chocolate cyst. Did anyone notice any pain on one side (or both) and it turned out to be a chocolate cyst?

I’ve heard they are so painful when they burst so I’m just a bit worried!

Thanks in advance :)

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I have chocolate cyst but mine is not painful at all. But if it burst then definitely should be very painful. My main symptoms are pain during urination and bowel movments in period. Recently I have shooting pain that lasts few seconds around ovulation xx

Hi Sofie,

I had two chocolate cysts one in each ovary.

I first thought something was wrong Jan 2017 when my periods were all over the place and my stomach was bloated and my boobs were tender.

Then May 2017 and June 2017 they done ultrasounds which discovered the cysts - both times the cysts were still there (no sign of them disappearing) so I was booked in to see a gynaecologist.

I had my laparoscopy this March 2018 where they removed both chocolate cysts. They were painful while I had them the left one was about 8 cm and the right was 5 ish cm. So quite uncomfortable.

My gynaecologist found serve endometriosis during the laparoscopy- and I am having my second operation after my current six month course of Zoladex (so I am in a current state of menopause)

Even though the operation recover was painful / achy .. I did feel lighter and “better” inside for having no heavy cysts!

I was also worried about them bursting due to the size of mine. Throughout the time they found them and until I had my operation.. my GP put me on a course of Loestrin 30 which I took for three months non stop (so I didn’t have a period) then just a week break.

Maybe worth asking your GP about that?

Let me know if you have any other questions - hopeful I have been able to give you some information

Rachel xx

Thanks for replying Rachel!

Yeah I might ask my GP to check for them.. I have been sooo bloated this past couple of months and my pain is back (had a lap in September last year and they found endo UNDER my left ovary?) mostly in my bowel and also, as I mentioned, on my right ovary! It’s usually when I stand up or move too quickly I get a sharp pain in my right ovary! My GP ( who is also a GP with special interest in gynaecology) didn’t do any tests at all! She literally just referred me for the surgery and even my surgeon was asking if I had any other tests and I was like NOPE :) haha. What’s also strange is I started having symptoms of endo whilst I was on the pill! So I was on Loestrin 30 then I got changed to Loestrin 20 because I was starving all the time and my skin and scalp got realllyyy oily!

It’s a never ending battle isn’t it! You can’t win with anything because there’s always a side effect for something!

Lol sorry for the rant! I realise not much of that was relevant 🙄 I guess I just needed to rant 😂😂

Hey Sofie ..

Well sounds like your GP is good and knowledgeable.. at least you were fast tracked pretty quickly and they found what was causing you pain!

But now yes what happens after is to be thought of .. which is the boat I am in at the moment after these injections finished/ after my second operation.

See what your GP says .. I always say if you don’t ask you don’t know.

Hopefully you can get some answers.

Sometimes you just need a rant!! Haha

How long have you been on the loestrin for?

Do you do a continuous 3 months?


Yeahh, it’s just frustrating because I feel like it’s all in my head sometimes!

I’ve been on Loestrin 30 for maybe a year? I can’t quite remember! I’ve been on the pill for like 3 years now and I was on microgynon first but I did not like that at all! I’d have really bad hormone headaches so they moved me to Loestrin! I think I went to the doctors in December of 2016 with my symptoms and I’d been having them for 8 months prior. So it was from that point really she told me to keep taking the pill and it didn’t matter if I ran packs together! But definitely after the operation they told me to take it for 4 months then take a break!

Ah I see ..

Well hopefully going back to the GP will be able to do some investigation for you.

It’s definitely not in your head you know your own body and like I said if you don’t ask/ if they don’t investigate you won’t know.


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