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Flexible Sigmoid and Post Lap Period Pain

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for some guidance and similar experiences.  I had a lap done on April 14 and just had my first period post op.  It was excruciating.  I had pain akin to labour pains for 2 days.  The cramping was ridiculous and I was basically laid out on the couch.

I went for a flexible sigmoidoscopy yesterday as they wanted me to have one while I had my period to try and see where my cyclical rectal bleeding was coming from.  They ended up needing to sedate me due to pain of trying to actually get to my sigmoid colon.  I was pretty out of it, but he did say he didn't see anything while he was in there. 

When they did the lap endo was found on my bowel, bladder, uterus, tubes, ovaries and peritoneal lining.  I follow up with my gyne next week to talk about treatment, but I'm pretty frustrated that nothing was seen yesterday. 

I am so tired with all this bleeding and pain and testing and surgery and drugs.  I am registering with my disability program at work because they are giving me grief about sick time.  I'm feeling very done with all of this now!!!

Any ideas? Similar experiences? Words of wisdom?  Thanks everyone!!

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Where was your laparoscopy done? Under general Gynae or BSGE? I too had lap on 14th April, under BSGE. I have endo stage4, this lap I had endo lasered off, also lost right ovary and tube due to chocolate cyst. First period was very heavy, wouldn't say as so much painful as previous ones. However though am suffering from pain internally where my missing ovary would be. Had bloods done at GPs yesterday, as I'm in a lot of pain and feeling very tired all the time. 

I had sigmoid colonoscopy last December, nothing was found. However recently been diagnosed with PFD. Didn't even know that existed but it does all make sense now. Having physiotherapy for it now. 



Lap was done under a general gynae, but hoping to be referred to a major centre for endometriosis after my follow up next week.  I'm just feeling very overwhelmed and feel like I'm not being a very nice person right now because of it....


If you have a lot of endo plus other organ involved, I would insist you get referred to a BSGE centre before anymore treatment. They are definitely good and know what they doing. I am talking from experience here, as my first lap was done under general Gynae. Drs said they found no endo but I had fibroids. However my symptoms got worse, general scans picked up enlarge ovaries which apparently were 'good fertile ovary' in actual fact months later at a scan in BSGE centre got picked it up as a 'chocolate cyst'. Drs were amazed how a previous scan missed it few months prior. Just goes to show specialists know what they are looking for. So my best advice would be not to waste time, and go to BSGE centre. 


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