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Persevering with the Pill. Advice Please <3

To give background i'm 20, diagnosed with endo last year and had a laparoscopy, been on femodette combined pill tricyclicly (3 month then week break then repeat) since op in may 2015. Went ok for a bit but recently going though bad mood swings and just feeling crappy.

My endo hasn't come back but I've been so upset and i feel like there's no soluion. My GP doesn't want to make a decision because she doesn't know about endo enough, and my consultant doesn't seem to see mood swings/depression/anxiety as a side effect. Just wants to try a progesterone only pill which, upon research, looks WORSE than the one i'm on.

I'm afraid to make any sort of decision i don't want the endo to come back it's just horrible. Any advice would be so so appreciated.

- kayleighbean xxxxx

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My experience of progesterone only pill was that that it made my anxiety a lot worse and my moods were all over the place. There are lots of pills you could try - it is trial and error really.


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