wound is opening

I posted earlier about my belly button wound. I'm 6 and a bit weeks post op and my belly button has been sore and red last few days anyway this afternoon I noticed a blister forming and throughout the day the blister has grown and grown so i left it. I've just checked it as it was really sore and the blister has burst put now my wound is ripping and opening up,id say almost by half up to now at first there was just a small pin prick, I've cleaned it and put a dressing on it to keep it clean. Will it be ok till I can get the doctors in the morning do you think?

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  • Hun.

    That doesn't sound good do you have a out of hours service you can contact, I would contact them if you do xx

  • I'm rubbish with stuff like this yuk. I can believe it's opening up 6 and a few weeks post op. It was just a little tiny dot at first but as I stated cleaning it it just opened up more and more.

    I live in blackpool and out of hours on a Sunday night with all the drunks I'm not sure I could cope. I'll ring them though and see what they say. My gp open at 8 to so can go there first thing.

    Thanks for replying hun I am proper worried xx

  • I feel worried for you hun.

    Maybe just give them a ring, how are you feeling? Do you feel like you have a temperature or anything? Xx

  • I was cold before then went really hot then cold again. Feel warm to touch too. I did my temperature which was 36.5 but it got infected the first week after op and I felt really unwell then and my temp was 36.5 went straight the docs and it was nearly 39 lol think my thermometer is broken. I don't feel as bad as I did with first infection but I have had loads of codeine and tramadol, just feel a little out of it from them xx

  • Yes I know what you mean with the codeine and the tramadol. Maybe it's best to call your own Dr first thing hun and least they have your history, try and get some rest hun xx

  • Will do thanks hunni. Hope you get some rest too xx

  • Thanks hun .let me know how you get on xx

  • I agree, call out of hours and see what they say xx

  • Hi hun,

    Don't leave it- you need to see someone straight away. You need to get the wound looked at & closed up, plus checked out for infection ect. Either ring out of hours or just got to A&E. Really hope things go ok for you xxx

  • I had a dressing with honey in it wen my hyster scar would not seal over properly maybe ask for that (I believe they are expensive but it's worth a try) x

  • Hi everyone I did go to the docs and it was infected well still is but is clearing up now. Thanks for all messages, can't believe that happened nearly 7 weeks post op x

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