Lap Booked

So I've been sent my admission papers - my op is 3 days after my 19th birthday, which makes me feel a little more at ease to celebrate the way I want to.

I've been getting support from my family and friends, but the most worrying thing for me is my fertility. My partner and I dream of having a huge family, but I want to be able to bring my children into the world without having to depend on someone else.

I know I'm young, but it's something that we both have to consider and think about, because who knows what will happen and what they'll find.

As you can tell, I'm a nervous wreck because I've never had an operation and this diagnosis has taken a toll on me.

Was anyone else as worried as I am when they were first diagnosed? Or is it just me? x/

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  • Aw bless you. It's scary and unfair and I was in exactly the same boat as you in terms of being worried. What I will say Is you are extremely young and If the lap confirms it, you have a huge amount of time ahead for kids etc. Try to take heart from that. The lap is a good, positive step. Xx

  • Thanks, I will. I honestly just can't help but worry, I've always been like that and try to plan ahead of what happens instead of thinking about it after my follow-up.

  • Oh don't worry, we all do that. I hope It goes really well. 

  • Thank you!

  • I feel exactly how you felt right at this moment in time. I've got my first lap next week and I'm terrified! Hope your recovering well xx

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