I'm new- Top tips for post-op wind pain please :-)

Hi folks, I'm new to the forum so hoping you don't mind me picking your lovely brains. On Monday I'm heading in for lap number 3- a hattrick I won't be celebrating. I have yet to find the answer to the post-op wind pain. It's actually the thing I'm dreading most- the rest I can cope with. Peppermint tea doesn't work for me. Screaming at my partner to rub my back did help, but it's upsetting for everyone else in earshot, especially the swearing. Any tips most welcome. ;-)

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After my lap I used windeaze tablets and peppermint tea and these worked really well for me. Because I used them together I'm not sure which was most effective but if you haven't tried windeaze yet it might be worth a go. I also walked around as much as I felt able to, little and often. X

Was just gonna say wind-eze worked wonders for me took them before bed woke up feeling really well, all the gas cleared in a couple of days took them for a week though xx

I had my anasetic given to me intravenous and I don't know why but it worked for me and had hardly any wind problem x

Keep walking gently around. Good luck xx

Hi, after 2 laps with excruciating shoulder pain etc from the trapped wind immediately afterwards, I was dreading my last op, however I got no shoulder pain and that was after 8hrs in theatre! This last op was with a new surgeon. I asked theatre staff how come I hadn't suffered the same trapped gas pain i had before & they didn't know if this was the answer but they said they warmed the gas before using it & had found patients said it seemed to help reduce the trapped gas pain. May have just been lucky but maybe something is in this warming the gas prior to use? Just thought I'd let you know. Good luck on Monday X

I asked to be prescribed some IBS peppermint oil capsules - they're 2 shades of blue. They gave me some in hospital the first couple of hours, so I asked if I could take some home, so they prescribed me some. 

I also drank lots of Dr Pepper (I read that somewhere) as I don't like peppermint tea and walked around quite a bit. 

The other tip someone gave me was to take co-codamol for a couple of days before the op to build up pain relief too.

I had my right arm in a sling post a shoulder op during both my Laps, so I had been really stressing about even more pain there. The above worked really well for me. I hope it helps. Good luck. 🍀

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