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Where do I go from here?!

I had a lap to remove stage one endometriosis in August last year, this was my second lap in a three year period. The first one found nothing but was done by a general gyne and the second lap was in a BSGE centre, my consultant has been brilliant she removed stage 1 from multiple places, my left ovary, pouch of Douglas and I've seen her every three months since. For the last 4 months I've been feeling terrible, the pain on my right side has been unbearable, it goes right into my hip and I have horrendous back pain, my consultant moved me from tramadol to gabapentin to help and I take norethisterone back to back. I don't bleed anymore, had the coil fitted during my lap but I'm scared the endo is back, I'm struggling to remember when I last felt well, I feel so alone and my pain at times means it hurts to walk and sit down, I get terrible migraines on the days I reduce the gabapentin and the pain can be so severe that it makes me physically sick. I feel like I'm trapped in a body that doesn't let me do the things I love, I'm scared for my relationship, my job and pushing away everyone because I'm always ill! My consultant mentioned a chemically induced menopause and it's the last thing I would consider, I'm constantly getting to grips with side effects and feel like I would be swapping the pain for no real benefit to my quality of life and I'm only 26! 

Where am I supposed to go from here? Do I need more surgery? I'm terrified of feeling like this forever? What is wrong with me?! 

Has anybody had a similar experience, I don't know where to go next? 

Sorry it's a bit of a rant but I feel like this is the only place I can talk about it, where people understand 

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It might be worth trying the medication to induce menopause, I've had a course of it and felt really well. It's not a long term fix because I think most doctors will only prescribe it for six months but I found it really helped me while I was on it and it may give you a break from your pain X 


Aw I'm sorry to hear this, sounds really tough and very familiar. When did you last see your consultant? It sounds like you really need to discuss it with them. I'm a fan of getting 2 options rather than just one as drastic as drugs to induce menopause. If that's the way to go, that's fine but there must also be a plan b if you don't want that? X


Hey so sorry to hear everything u r going thro. I don't have any answer for u but wanted u to no I'm in a very similar situation as u...i am currently going thro the medical menopause injections but I have not officially been diagnosed yet. I have had 2 laps in past by general gyn and nothing has been seen. I have asked my gyn to refer me to bsge clinic and I'm awaiting to see if it will be successful and be seen. My life is completely been taken away I lost my job... i have no partner I do have two amazing children but it's them I feel for having to ask my parents to look after them when I'm so ill and unable to move. I have been a guinea pig on so many painkiller and different treatments for illness they don't even no what it is. I get pain in my right side hip upper legs... my bowel and bladder r affected too due to infections and inflammation been seen. It's a nightmare and I still haven't found the solution but I'm here to chat even private message me anytime for chat. Usually up thro night to so feel free. Menopause at 26 isn't the best. 😴


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