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What do I do, where do I go from here?

Ok so I just had a ultrasound scan and transvaginal scan. I think the scan was suppose to last longer than it did, said on the letter it would last 40 minutes so they could have a good look around basically but when I was in there it only lasted 15 minutes.

Anyway she did the scans and after she said it all looks clear there is no cysts or anything, to be honest it just felt like a kick in the stomach to be honest, how could it all be clear. It hurt so bad when she was doing it and now sat here I am in agony just feels like someone is pushing so hard on my bowels.

Everyday I am in so much agony and bloated to the size where I look pregnant, now I just feel like when I go back into the doctors in a few weeks she will not refer me to a gyno because the scans were clear feel like they will give up on me, I know something is wrong there must be, I cant even have sex anymore it hurts that bad.

I just do not know what to do anymore, I just feel like the doctors will think it is all me head and not help me ? where do I go from here, what do I do, how do I make them see I am in so much pain. I have my diary and now even started taking pictures in the morning and night showing how swollen my stomach gets, but will this be enough. What do I do?

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You must push for a referral to an endo gynae specialist no matter what.

99% of all of us we had all kind of scans, I had ultrasound, MRI and CT scans and everything came back clear only to have a lap and find out there was endo. Endo cannot be shown unless there are cysts etc.

Could you afford to go private at least?

Jo x


Thank you for leaving a comment.

I do not think I could afford to go private at all I think it would cost to much the only thing I could do would be to save up and then see.

It just frustrates me so much when she said it was clear, how do I know it is even endo, I feel like it is from reading all the symptoms others have had and I had all tests over the past year on my stomach and things and they came back all clear.

It has to be something to do with my womanly region shall i say as I cant even have sex anymore.


These are very common signs of endo, and if its not it is definitely gynae related and you have to see a gynae then.

Put pressure to your GP to give you a referral, and make sure you sound very desperate saying again and again that you cant take the pain no more etc etc. At the end it will not cost him anything to give you this letter.

In case he/she is so difficult try to find another GP. I know its hard having to do this while suffering but be strong and demand answers. You know your body better than anyone else.

I had to put pressure in the beginning too, i was told about IBS etc etc until the point i had the surgery and endo was found.

Good luck hun

Jo x


The bloating bit is exactly what happens to me and I've been told I probably have adenomyosis. I've never had anything show up on a scan but they did find mild endo and scarring in my laparoscopy. The gp's do the ultrasound before referring because the consultant needs to have the result for that to be able to check you over properly. Do not worry that the scans were clear, that just means there's no cysts. You are allowed to ask to be referred. I would walk in and say you're not leaving til you're referred! good luck hun and try not to worry most gynae issues dont show up on ultrasounds anyway xxx



I am new to this and put up a mes yeterday. I have suffered from endo for what now looks like years. I got the diagnosis in 2010 after a negative smear. I had colposcopy tretment for CIN1 and the pain got horrendous afterwards. They eventually agreed to a lap and the endo was delt with, i am now recovering from my 3rd lap having went thru it on monday.

I went bk to the specialist 6weeks ago and they did the same scan u have had. The scan was extremely painful to the point i was sitting in agony after it. My cervix s tilted back, something iv never been told before but she cudnt see anything else. She still put me forward for another lap based on my history as the details i gave pointed to the endo being back. On mondy i was told the endo on my right side had grown back and this was dealt with but my right ovary is stuk to my bowel and she cant do anything to it, i must see a specialist who will deal with it.

My point with this is you need to push the doctors. One told me the pain was in my head, he had to stand at me hospital bed weeks later and tell me i had endo!! Your symtoms are the same as i have, terrible pain during sex and have a dull pain sometimes for up to two dsys after it, bloating and pain. Switch doctors and ask for a second opinion and dont stop until you are satisfied. I have been through countless doctors over the years and had some very frustrating times. Keep a note of your good days and bad, physical and mental symptoms and keep pushing. I wish you all the best and hope things get sorted for you x


i had the same thing, ultrasound and transvaginal scans last saturday. the results were clear too. while that's great, it doesn't really help right now.

I have to wait until the 11th dec for a telephone app. with my gp. it's a total joke. if i don't get refered, i don't know what i will do, but you do have to push and push!

She nurse said it might be endo. I have all the symptoms too. I can't have sex as it's too painful. Been well over a month now! I bloat as well. It looks horrible. Painful when i go to the loo and when my bladder fills up i know about it! Dull achy legs too and stabbing in my ovary area.

Defo push to get a lap op. That's what a doctor wednesday said i might need but couldn't refer me as my scan results didn't actually come back until today.

good luck! :) x


Keep pushing! I don't know if I have endometriosis or not - but after pelvic scan, CT scan, referrals to urology and gastrointestinal consultants, course of antibiotics, etc. and still no answer as to the cause of the pain, I went straight back to the GP saying I wanted answers.

I didn't really know much about endometriosis - my pain is recent and by all means not as acute as what some of you describe - but as the pain is in the pelvic area, from my point of view a gyne referral should be a no-brainer so I asked for one. As I am due to have a coloscopy sometime in January, the GP was minded to wait until after that. I said that this was out of question and that all avenues should be explored concurrently so that I get better as quickly as possible. My simple advice is 'Do not take no for an answer', and if necessary make appointments to the surgery every week or twice a week and keep putting forward the same message. I know is it a hassle but believe me this does work. It is your right to be looked after but unfortunately sometimes you have to fight for it, and even more so in the current climate of cuts in the NHS. My GP did eventually accept that my request made sense and I have now seen a consultant gynecologist who has told my GP I need a laparoscopy.

I hope you get the care you need. Best of luck!


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