Taking pain killers everyday

Hi all, 

I am taking pain killers everyday for my endo as the doctor advised but, I'm worried now as I feel that it's going to give me more problems in the future in particular my kidneys as I already feel the aching sometimes.

Another thing I get worried about is becoming addicted to them if I'm taking them everyday.

Has anyone else had these thoughts? 

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  • Hi there, I completely can relate to you. I have to take them everyday for the horrible pain of endo also, but more so when my period hits. Words can't describe the pain of having endo, so we do what we can to function. So it would be helpful to perhaps try one glass of warm water with a freshly squeezed lemon before your meals, it helps with keeping the kidneys detoxed from all the pain meds in our system, also perhaps mention to your doc about having bloodwoek done every few months just to see how your kidney and liver function is...please know your not alone! Hang in there!:):)

  • Thank you. I've never thought of trying the lemon and water, it's definitely something I will start doing now and see if it eases the pain in my kidneys xx

  • Hi

    Yes I cannot get through the day without pain killers but like you I don't want to take them long term I hope at some point to find a alternative but for now I can't cope without them (I am very careful not to take to many as not to become addicted )perhaps you could talk to your doctor about your concerns.

    All the best treez

  • Thanks Treez, if you come across an alternative that works for you then please let me know I'm willing to try anything lol. 

    I've spoken to my doctor about my concerns and asked to be referred to a pain clinic but as of yet no referral. Xx

  • I'm on morphine sulphate 12 hour release tablets, and I can't wait to come off them, but I still in pain with them, so can't imagine how I'd feel with out them, we have to do what we can to cope, xx

  • I agree, I have refused morphine as I had a bad experience of the itches with it when I went into hospital, literally scratched my skin off 🙈 I'm hoping it doesn't get to the point where I have to take them xx

  • I worry too esp as my dad died of kidney failure

    I'm going to pain clinic in few weeks and hoping I can get some advice from them

  • Hi Kell,

    So sorry about your dad 😘.

    I don't suppose at the pain clinic you could ask these questions and let me know the result?

    I've asked 100 times to be referred to a pain clinic but, it never seems to happen I think they think I'm just a hypochondriac 🙈

    Would be great to hear feedback from them xx

  • I'm on oral morph every day in combination with my other pain killers and I'm suprised how I function everyday but I'm having accupunture done every week plus been using my aloe Vera heat cream which seems to do help with the pain I'm getting right now but I feel the same and worry about coming addicted to but I only take mine when the pain is really bad xx

  • Hi 😊 ill definitely try and get some aloe vera heat cream, I've heard of it before. Thank you xx 

  • Your welcome i don't like being like a zombie all the time xx

  • hello. Yes i think we all have those worries & Addiction can occur especially given the depression etc that goes hand in hand with endo. i found doctors tend to throw pain relief at you just to get you out the door. My endo started early from the age of nine by nineteen i was on a heavy cocktail of opiates as im allergic to anti inflamatories. I had hysterectomy at 28 & that was when i found it hard to come off the pain relief umfortunatly for a good ten years pain relief had been imprinted in my life! My advice would be to take them only when u need & when your ready reduce down slowly but also no everything about the medicine you take i had no idea the pain relief i was taking was addictive! Take care & keep yourself safe xx

  • Hi,

    I'm very much the same, I had horrendous periods when I was 10 years old but, never got diagnosed until I was 19. I've had 3 laps and in between I actually had ovarian cancer and ended up having my right ovary removed and after they looked at it it was riddled with endo so again another lap was requested. They seem to think that the scar tissue is now causing majority of my pain so they put me on the highest does of co codimal which doesn't really seem to do anything apart from make me feel like a zombie. I try not to take them as often as needed and try and get through the pain on my own but, that just makes me a miserable cow 🙈 xx

  • Hi,

    I feel exactly the same I've had endo now for 20 years and they just keep giving me laps and ablation. The pain is excruciating and I  currently off work due to it. The doctor has given me morphine sulphate slow release and oramorph naproxen and lyrica I'm trying to cut down but I still get pain with all this.

    I am desperate to go back to work but with the pain and the fuzzy head that goes with the meds o can't see that happening soon x😩

  • I've been off work alot with mine, I actually got sacked from my last job because of all the time I was having off. I spoke to the job centre and because it isn't classed as a chronic illness in their eyes I am currently receiving the lowest JSA which doesn't even pay all my bills. I wish there was more put there about endo to make people understand because I'm sure the employers just think it's little period pains and we're over reacting xx

  • Hi

    I am going to give acupuncture a try when I am finished my zoladex injections I have had it before for my neck and the lady that I go to is really good she knows all my history too which helps she says it will help with the pain but probably not endo itself but I have a mirena coil that helps with the bleeding so it the pain that's the worst part for me and I just want off pain killers.

    Good luck with the pain clinic I would keep on at the doctor to get you in I have heard they are really helpful.


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