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Burst cyst??

So I was out on Saturday and suddenly started losing so much blood, and I mean so much!! I have the coil fitted and my 2 week period had stopped the day before. I had to go home and vomited a few times, pain was quite bad but I have had worse. I'm still bleeding, pain levels are worse than usual. Not really sure what has happened and just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? Got a gp appointment tomorrow...

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Hun I would go straight to a&e. Does sound like a ruptured cyst. At least at a&e they can send you for a scan to find out.good luck.


I took your advice and went to a&e. Apparently it's "normal" for that to happen so they sent me on my way. They said if things don't calm down my coil may not be in place so to go to my gp. They have made me feel like such a hypochondriac :(


I'm sorry they made you feel that way Hun they shouldn't. It's always better to be safe than sorry. At least you know now.


Do you know of you do have a cyst or not? Vomiting and severe pain are symptoms of a burst endometrioma.

And about how the medics made you feel, I have had that experience too. Before I knew I had a 15cm cyst, an A&E doctor told me I just needed a poo.

You mentioned you have a doctors appointment tomorrow, I would suggest asking your doctor to send you for an ultrasound scan.


I don't know if I do. I have had cysts in the past though and will mention this to my gp tomorrow!!

I'm sorry you had that experience too, it sucks that they don't seem to take us seriously x


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