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Is a cyst burst an emergency?

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Hi all, this is maybe a bit TMI but I just don’t know who to ask for help, google is useless!!

a few weeks ago I had an ultrasound which revealed that I had a “normal” looking cyst on my left ovary but “wasn’t cause for concern” despite me saying I could feel stabbing on my left side most days.

Then yesterday I had sex for the first time in a while and was in horrendous pain afterwards, couldn’t stand up properly or walk. Then had really bad diarrhoea all day with pain and nausea. Then this morning about 4am woke up bleeding, but I’m not meant to be able to bleed at the moment as I’m on double dosage birth control.

I think it’s most likely caused the cyst to rupture, but I’m not sure if going to hospital would do me any good or I’d just be sent home with ibuprofen!!

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

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Hey can you give NHS 24 a ring? See what they say 🤩since no doctors surgery open today x

That was what I was thinking, but don’t want to be told to go to hospital if I don’t have to you know? Thanks love x

They will give you advice and ask lots of questions and if you need to be seen, definitely go as you never know what’s happening down below. I have used this service many times over the weekend for adeno and endo xx

Thank you x

Hey, I had a cyst on my ovary (caused by endometriosis) and was always advised to go to A&E if it caused me severe pain so I’d just ring 111 just to be safe. You shouldn’t be in that much pain, I hope you feel better soon xx

Yes I think I will do to be on the safe side. Thank you love x

Hi. Hope you got some good advice from the nhs 24. Are you in a lot of pain? My ruptured cyst did end up being an emergency so if they advise you to get checked out please do. Xx

My daughter has had a ruptured cyst and we were told it is an emergency as it could cut off blood supply to the ovary and you could lose the ovary. She has had this happen three times and was given morphine for the pain. I hope you are doing better.

I am so sorry, this is really awful and scary for you. Please look up the endometriosisUK helpline for some emotional support maybe? You need to see the opening times on the website first.

I think going to A&E with a view to getting what happened to you logged could be an option. The benefit to this is it’s recorded in their system for the Gynecologist to take action on. It could get you seen faster later on. They may send you up to triage on the Gyne ward if you press them to help you. But they are very over stretched and this will be a fight. If you’re emotional, exhausted and feel poorly and scared, take someone with you. Then, if you get there, they are unlikely to offer much help.

However, another potential option is to ask to see your GP in person on Monday. Get it all logged there and they can then ask the Gynecologist to see you sooner as an emergency. If your GP is supportive, ask them.

Another option is to call the Gynecologist’s secretary - lots of the time they don’t answer the phone. From my experience. To get them to notify the Gynecologist.

Is your Gynecologist an endometriosis Specialist? This is very important to ensure you get a good person taking care of you. Because anyone doing any kind of medical procedure on you needs to be the best, most skilled and experienced person.

To conclude: you have to decide what you want to do here. Personally, I would take someone with you and go to A&E and say you want to be checked out. tell them you feel scared and explain what happened. I’d go ASAP this morning as it’s likely to be quieter.

This is my opinion as an EndoWarrior and I am not medically trained or qualified but I am your EndoSister 💛 and I just want the very best for you. Putting your mind at rest via A&E but you gotta be strong and ready to fight - best outcome is they check you over, and reassure you everything is ok. Then come home and sleep as long as you need to. Take some bananas and maybe some walnuts with water in a flask with you and a book. Keep your body fuelled well, avoid junk food. Also take lots of deep and slow breaths into your belly. You need to be calm when you deal with Medical Drs.

Lots of love 💗 Keep us updated whatever you decide x My DM’s are open 💪🏻💛You got this EndWareior 😘

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Thank you for all your kind words I really appreciate it! I phoned 111 yesterday and they booked me into an urgent care appointment locally so I could see a GP immediately instead of wait at A&E for too long.

He checked me vitals and tested my urine and felt my abdo and decided that I probably don’t need to go to A&E but gave me a letter of the consultation and told me to see my own GP and tell them what happened and the litter specifically requests I have blood tests taken, a full examination and my specialist gynae appointment expedited.

He said if it gets worse or I vomit at all, then not to wait but go straight to A&E.

I’ve been at home since late last night on 30mg codeine and it just takes the edge off really. But the Dr I saw didn’t say he thought it was a burst cyst, but he said it could be any number of things… which is totally unhelpful. Didn’t even do an internal examination!

Ended up leaving feeling as ignored and frustrated as I do every doctors appointment!!

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You’re so welcome 💛

He’s a GP and so probably wouldn’t examine you or know much about Gyne things. So wouldn’t be able to diagnose anything there and then, as he won’t have specialist knowledge.

So he made sure you were safe, at least and that counts for something. He’s really helped you with the letter and the Gyne might have more answers.

Similar happened to me in April 😢 so I now take a different approach. Knowledge, self advocacy and as natural as possible. Changing my lifestyle, it’s hard but I am seeing results!

Here, so reach out if you want to x

I would go to hospital and get it checked out, just to be on safe side as if it was infected, there is a chance it could turn septic. I hope that doesn't sounds too scary or full on but its def worth checking out. I had a cyst rupture in my fallopian tube before my laparoscopy and they had to clear bits up from the rupture xxx

Please contact the NHS as soon as you can, I had a reptutured ovarian cyst that was an emergency. That doesn't mean to say yours is but it's definitely better to be safe. Please let us know how you get on x

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