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Feel like my ovary is about to burst

Been an endo sufferer for years had 2 laps last one a year past Feb was discharged end of last yr from gynaecology. I've had a few niggling pains but not too much too complain about as juicing at least once a month really helped keep pain at bay. Today however started to get right ovary pain (this is normally where it is but normally sharp shooting pains) when I was walking as if it was pulling. Went to work and as I went to sit down the pain was excruciating every time I moved tried to lean it was horrendous as if I was squashing my ovary. Work sent me to a and e (not my local hospital tho) and after 6 hours 1 doc and 2 gynaecology docs I was given painkillers and told as I was an endo sufferer to go home with painkillers and if it gets worse go back and they will send me an appt for a scan in a wk or two. The said it might have been a cyst that burst but they couldn't do internal scan as it's the 1st day of my period and it wouldn't be clear. I'm still in pain if I move certain ways. I just feel so frustrated as as soon as I said I was endo sufferer I felt as if they were just saying to me well its that so deal with it. The right ovary feels like it was been swelling on and off for last few days it feels like a huge pressure in area especially if I move. Has anyone any idea what this is or have they experienced something like it. I felt like hospital didn't really take my pain seriously. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for long post. Xx

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It certainly sounds like a typical ovarian cyst bursting experience.

A scan now or in 2 weeks won't make any difference - they will still be able to see the detritus or remnants of a burst cyst...or if the cyst is still there and refilled up during this period which is can do by the way.

it may continue with a slow painful leak , or more likely as with most cysts once it has burst is will eventually be reabsorbed back in to the body and calm down.

Most cysts do go by themselves. It's only a small number that cause ongoing trouble and end up needing surgery to remove them. But that only deals with the situation at that time and it certainly does not prevent a new cyst forming and that can happen very very soon after the old cyst was removed - or it may take years for another or you may be super lucky and never have another.

The correct course is indeed to use painkillers and monitor how well you are recovering, hoping that is the last of the cyst and it will vanish in the coming weeks.

The longer you can manage to wait for the scan, the better idea you will have as to whether it has decided to remain a cyst and refill up again.

I very much doubt this is endo, but in much the same way the leaking liquid from the cyst will hit everything nearby irritate it causing swelling and sores and pain...just as endo bleeds do when the endo is active.

See your GP if the pain continues beyond a week or so, and get your GP to request that scan for you. It should come through within few weeks depending on the waiting lists locally.

My 1st cyst exploded one night and it was 3 weeks to get scanned and the mess was still very clearly visible even then.

A follow up scan roughly 5 weeks later showed the cyst had refilled and was already 6cm wide -so it didn't take long at all to grow fast. The main clue that it was still there was 24 hr a day ongoing deep pain on the left ovary.

A trans-vaginal ultrasound is the best for viewing these cysts, and to make sure that the endo is not confusing the results - it is wise to wait a little before having it , and also to press for a follow up scan should the pains continue to be ongoing over several weeks.

it is extremely painful when it pops - I've now had two explode, and it is agony. The worst is over though. the sharpest pain is when it 1st goes pop. If it refills and leaks that's a different type of pain - more of a deep ache than the intensely sharp shocker that you 1st experience.

I now you feel rather abandoned - but there really isn't anything more can be done right now, but to keep you topped up on pain killers - get more from your GP if needed- and wait to see what happens.

Most do re-absorb into the body and that's it - you recover in time.

Only if the pain persist do you need to go chasing up scans and getting the right strength of painrelief to tied you over till it can be surgically attacked.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope it all goes well for you.

I'm on my 5th one now. 2 have exploded and 2 have been surgically removed in a laparotomy (big hole) op, and the one I have now is calm and quiet and not disappearing but it it isn't causing much pain either.


Hi Impatient, I have wondered this myself, How would one know the difference between ovarian torsion and a burst cyst?


Time is the clue. A cyst bursting is sudden onset without much prior warning and once the burst cyst has drained and the surrounding tissue has calmed down from the exploded debris hitting it - you shouldn't need pain relief - unless next period or two it refills up and the pains return. so there is respite from the pain sometimes it might be a lot better within just a few hours - or might take a few days but it will calm down before possibly coming back again if the cyst refills in the weeks ahead.

Whereas with a twisted ovary or cyst the pain level will carry on at intense level

and not ease off with time. It would be something that could be seen on a scan too if the same level of pains continue. Onset of a fever afterwards is also a warning sign for torsion.

Another factor is the time of the month....the cysts if they are endometriomas, get a boost when on a period because of the endo activity and bleeding, and that is the extra pressure needed to cause them to pop at the weakest point.

having a sudden attack while on your period is more likely to be the result of the extra activty now and that is enough to go pop.

Torsion or twisting of an organ is a much rarer event than a cyst. It can occur at any time in the cycle and there are pre-existing factors that make this more likely. Basically enlarged heavy ovaries can be a factor, ongoing blood flow restriction to the ovary is a factor, having a cyst and adhesions can be factors as well and it is a risk from overstimulating the ovary for egg production during IVF. The main difference initially is that there is no let up in the pain, that you would expect to get when recovering from a popped cyst.

So it very much is a waiting game to see what the days ahead bring. whether you do recover and need less pain relief

or if you get a fever or if the pain levels persist then get back to the GP who can refer you to the hosp for an urgent scan.

We all get cysts, they don't all become a nuisance and angry to the point of needing surgery as most will resolve by themselves even if that means they have exploded painfully in the process......most cysts have come and gone in months and that's it ....till another forms.

Torsion is a much rarer event and there are usually clues there from your previous medical history that make it more likely.

Fingers crossed in this instance the pains should be starting to calm down a bit from the acute level that took Barbara to hospital in the 1st place.


Hi Impatient, your replies have really helped me, I think from your 2 posts alone you have given me more information, comfort and reassurance than the 3 doctors I seen yesterday. I have woken up today and now can't put any weight on my right leg as I am still getting really sore pains in my right side despite having the painkillers.

I am going off to the doctor today to see if I can get stronger pain relief as I have a busy week at work and shouldn't really be taking any time off. I definitely agree from your explanation that it does sound like a cyst that's possibly burst, I'm hoping as you have explained the pain dies down soon as although it's not as bad it's still pretty painful. I can't believe you have had 5, I really feel for you as it must have been awful. It's crazy that there isn't more support or fast tracking for people who go through this. I hope you continue to be pain free Impatient and wish you well.

I really do appreciate your info it has been so helpful and really shows how this forum can help people who actually go through this and share experiences.

Wishing you both well.



Hi Barbara82,

I recently experienced a burst cyst and went to the hospital as I was concerned because I was also was having dizzy spells. They injected a shot of Torodol, and I felt almost immidiate relief it was amazing. I never in all my 17 years of dealing with this issue knew of that drug. To think I suffered endless amounts of times from burst cysts in the past but I never went to emerg. It apparently doesn't work as well on everyone but it certainly did on me. It when it wore off I also didn't have any remnant of pain still either. Amazed!


Yeah I was feeling really dizzy too, I have an appointment this afternoon for a scan so hoping I get some answers and not the usual response of 'there's nothing showing up on the scan'. Still in a bit of pain but been taking codine so it has eased off a bit.

Take care. x


I've just had my scan and everything looks normal I'm upset that I don't have an answer as the pain I experienced was so intense I am now thinking maybe it was just intense endo pain. Is this normal? I'm still really sensitive to touch the right area it's so frustrating that most endo doesn't show up on scans x


Hi, Barbara82!

I have just come across your post and was wondering if you ever saw any improvement... I have been struggling with the exact same problems going on 4 months now and today after another doctor's appointment it seemed like we got even less answers than we had before. Since October I've had 4 ultrasounds, each revealing cysts on my ovaries, sometimes in groups of 3, and at other times just in singles. We believed the cyst was stuck on a loop of rupturing and refilling weekly and we couldn't figure out why. I have had severe pain in both ovaries and what feels like daily ruptures from cysts now, even though we were told that is not possible, as cysts are only supposed to rupture once a month... My ovaries have literally felt like they are exploding and I, also, have been unable to walk or move from the pain when the sharp exploding pain occurs. I've been in and out of work and am not sure how to continue on like this as it has gotten to the point where I have absolutely to predictability as to how I'm going to be day-to-day. They want me to see a GI and do a colonoscopy as it may be related to a problem with my bowels, but every GI disease I've researched fails to reflect any of my symptoms and every issue I've had stays true to form with a ruptured cyst...

Please let me know if you found any specific answers that helped shed more light on the subject. We are desperate to finding a solution!



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