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I have been unwell for 5 months with abdominal and pelvic pain. I've passed out twice with abdominal pain and bowel movement. I also had a temp on and off for 6 weeks and my gp didn't believe me. I was also diagnosed wrongly with depression and told i was over anxious with how often i was going to the dr's.

After my second collapse and no help from a&e i booked to see a private gp. This appeared to force my gp into action and i was admitted to hospital. An ultrasound showed a dermoid cyst on my left ovary. I was really unwell, weak, lethargic and with a raised white cell count and discharged home by the medics. Who said my probs were gynae.

I changed to a fantastic new gp who asked about my endometriosis that was diagnosed 9 years ago. He was concerned that it had never been reviewed since and could be on my bowel. I'm so fed up with the nhs i have booked private for a laproscopy and removal of the cyst. I am also on treatment for ibs. Has anyone had similar to me please? If so what was the outcome?

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Hi , I'm sorry feeling so rough at the moment. Your story sounds very similar to mine except I hadn't been diagnosed with endo. In august I finally broke same symptoms as you not as severe my bloods were normal apart from very high RBC and low iron count. But my periods were lasting 15 days on Microgyon. Gp said I was lazy and I should go on anti depressants. Gp refused to refer me nhs so asked to go private, they would not do it until I had been on cerazette for 3 months. From ultrasound to lap was under a month it's the best £4000 I have ever spent ! was diagnosed with endo (treated) and a 3cm irregular ovarian cyst (removed). Im awaiting biopsy results still. Im so cross with the nhs for not doing anything, Im currently looking forward to my show down with them when I'm fully recovered. I have been suffering for 10 years and I am lucky to be finally in the position I could afford to pay. I think if I have any more problems I would go straight back privately with out a shadow of a doubt. Good luck x

Hi Moff Cat,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear you're not so good. But sounds like you're well on your way to recovery! My old gp refused a private referral also. I'm upset as it took 12 weeks before i even saw sense and changed dr. Then i had a completely more positive experience. I'm just setting off for my private appointment. Hope i sound as positive as you after my op! X

Good luck poppsie1 :-) would love to know how you get on. X

Hi moff cat,

Just got back from my appointment. I've seen the same consultant private as I've seen on the nhs. He was very kind and didn't want me to spend my money as he can't say i will feel better after. And firmly believes that the cyst isn't causing my symptoms. And neither is he convinced it's endometriosis. I'm gutted and very tearful as i've got nowhere with the nhs (old gp and medical dr's who discharged me unwell saying it was my cyst) and don't want to wait. I feel like i'm paying for something that's a waste of money. What do you think in your experience please? X

Hi Poppsie1, I have to admit I was terrified when I saw my gyne she really played down the endo saying that only 60% of people she does a lap on had endo and she thought it was more likely to be IBS or I had a pelvic infection that had left scar tissue behind. Remeber yes they have medical training but no one knows your body aswell as you. How big is your cyst? They don't like to take them out if there under 3cm. Mine was 3cm so I chose to have it out and felt that was my main reason for lap and to just see what was going on. As how can you treat something if you don't know what it is? If you dont feel confident in the person you saw get a second opinion. Chin up :-) *hugs* x

Hi moff cat,

My cyst is 4cm and i'm convinced it's been infected hence the temp and is causing my problems. You're right and i need to trust my gut feelings and instinct. My mum said how do the dr's know how endometriosis and cysts make women feel when they don't listen to how women feel. They tell women how they should feel. From reading this forum i haven't read a positive experience. So i guess i should go for the op. He hasn't said he won't do it. He's said i should wait, save my money and have it on the nhs. But that's my decision how i spend my money! Although you said you felt rough are you pleased with the outcome post op? X

I am just over a week post op. I'm starting to feel better. The amount of pain I had over the years with the cyst especially every period. My periods went mad in aug from 7 days to 15 days whilst on the combined pill. I run a buisness and a smallholding with my husband so I don't get sick pay and just means hubby has to do even more. I felt that my time and wellbeing far out weighed the price of going private. I kept it my head that the cyst was the main reason for lap and any additonal findings were a bonus. I think they play down the endo so you dont pin all your hopes on that being the cause.

If I were you, and you feel it is getting infected I would have it out sooner rather than later as it could cause scar tissue. Its the best descion I made and pain after is a doddle compared to what I went through every month! TMI warning!!!! doing a number 2 after Ive had the lap is pain free experience not feeling like my insides are being ripped out! I also wanted to be recovered before crimbo, my birthday and getting my kitten. Major downside is I'm a complete tom boy I hate dresses, but it is the only thing I can wear and I look pregnant still. Bonus it took them an extra hour to sort the endo out so I feel I definatly got my moneys worth! In future I will be staying private to keep ontop of my endo as I don't think the NHS could top the experience. X

Hi moff cat,

Thanks for your reply. Glad to here you feel it was worth it. I'm going ahead with op private as it's getting me down. I've had numerous normal investigations so to me it can only be the cyst and possibility of worsening endo that's making me unwell. I hope to go for op at the end of week or early week after. Just waiting for mrsa swabs to clear. So fingers crossed! X

Hi moff cat,

Had my laproscopy 2 days ago. It showed active endometriosis on the left side of womb and old scar tissue from endo to back of my womb. My gyny dr said i may need a hysterectomy but to see how my symptoms go. Had the cyst removed which he says may have caused my temp due to twisting and causing ischemia to my ovary. At the moment i feel poorly but hope to feel better really soon. How do you feel now? Fully recovered i hope x

Hi Poppsie1, I'm so pleased you have had it done and will feel better for christmas :-) I feel back to myself again although still getting tired more than normal. Im back to looking after the dogs and the smallholding. Luckly I haven't had to turn a sheep over. But as Im still avoiding lifting the 25kg feed sacks. Im still alittle achey but not enough to bother with pain killers but enough I don't want to put my faithful jeans back on , I think its just my body healing and a reminder not to go to nuts. I still have a red bruise which is only now showing signs of starting to heal up. Im just praying by thursday I will be upto jeans as there forecasting snow! If you want to have a chat feel free to pm me. Catx

Hi moff cat,

Thanks for the reply and great news how well you're doing. Very reassuring also for me to hear. I'm very tired and that's making me miserable. Do hope to be better and on full form for xmas. So praying for a speedy recovery. Although I do feel better already for the cyst and endo removing. Take care x

Hi poppsie1, I hope your starting to feel abit more in the land of the living. I used my time to have a well earned break I sat in bed and watched alot of mildly funny dvds, nothing to funny as laughing hurt! Also as my emotions were abit all over the place it did make me feel better.Then every hour I would walk round the house. Cat x

Hi cat,

My emotions are all over the place. I've cried loads mainly for how unwell i've been and will i ever be right. Physically i'm getting better although very tired but emotionally i'm worn out. Glad you're doing ok and i hope to be soonx

Hi poppsie, how are getting on? X

Hi Moff Cat,

I'm doing good thanks. Feeling a bit better everyday and emotionally back on track. Looking forward to Christmas now. Hope you're still doing good too. Thanks for being in touch x

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