Home at last

Hi everyone. Well as you can guess I'm finally home after hysterectomy, ovary removal and excision surgery on Thursday afternoon. Took a bit longer due to complications after surgery. But I must say I feel fantastic. I'm in no pain just find I get tired very easily. Really was expecting it to be worse than this but I'm so glad it's not. I feel better than I ever did. Ladies if you find the right surgeon there really is hope . Good luck everyone.

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  • Awww glad your home and resting now.... you have gone through such a long journey and now it's all paying off for you. keep in touch am just plodding on and can't wait for these injections to finish. Well done to you xx

  • So glad you home and all gone well. Take care, plenty or rest and hope you have a speedy recovery xx

  • That's great. I'm glad you're home. I'm really happy to hear that you're feeling well. My thoughts have been with you this week.


  • Thank you Hun. It's been a long week. Had an internal bleed on Saturday and had to have emergency ct scan which showed everyone that it had been moderate but that it also had stopped. So spent the rest of the night having a blood transfusion. Then had problems with tachycardia. Also found out when I went down to theatre that there is something wrong with my spine , so now I need to go to GP and ask for Mri to find out what's going on there , hoping it's nothing more serious than arthritis. It never seems to end . Oh well that's life. How are you doing? And how six the puppy?

  • Oh gosh, that sounds awful. I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you got through it and you're feeling better. And fingers crossed about your spine. Hopefully things will start to look up for you now :)

    I'm ok, thanks. The puppy is a little monster haha She's getting into all sorts of mischief, but at least she's keeping me busy. Hopefully she'll calm down soon though :)

  • Glad the puppy is keeping you busy cause that is really good for you. Any news on the house front?

  • Yeah, she keeps my mind busy, because I'm always thinking 'What's Ebony up to now?' haha

    Well, it's complicated. I'll message you

  • Glad your home.

    Plenty rest for a speedy recovery xx

  • Glad your home safe and sound and well X relax and recuperate and make sure you get lots of rest . Cyber hug x been following your journey with interest . I have my op in a few weeks similar to you Total hysterectomy with both ovaries going . Reading your story as given me courage for a positive outcome . Take care

  • Hi I'm glad that I can offer some hope. You normally only hear bad stories because those people who have success stories don't usually need support groups like this. I know it's still really early days but despite the bowel spasms(where I've had work done on bowel) things do feel so much better inside. So things can only get better. I believe i feel so well due to an amazing surgeon and amazing doctors and nurses that took such good care of me.

  • Ah I am really please for you X

  • Glad your home. Sending lots of cuddles for your speedy recovery :) xx

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