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Post op periods

Your first periods post surgery question.

I had my surgery and excision of endo and removal of an ovarian cyst on the 12th of April. I had my period on the 16th of April (when my period was due) with a lot less pain than usual, it was an amazing improvement so soon after surgery, I was so happy! However I usually religiously have my period on day 25 or 26... today is day 29 and I still haven't came on my period. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Should I have any reason for concern considering I successfully had my first period post surgery and now the second is late?

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I would imagine this is normal after a lap. You've not started on any medication to suppress periods? Mini pill, Mirena, Prostap etc?? Xxx


Nothing new medicine wise x


This happened to me. Turned out I was pregnant. Do a test!


100% not pregnant forgot to mention that! Thanks x

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Complete opposite to me, my first period was horrific lasting longer than usual and the pain was awful. Subsequent ones got better as time progressed.

Your hormones are probably still stabilising due to the surgery and should settle down as your cycles get back to normal.


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