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Strange period.... A little worried/confused


This post might have a little too much info but need to ask.

This is my first period in 3 months as I have been tri-packing the pill.

A little earlier I was doubled up in pain, as expected. When I went to the loo I saw what can only be described as a lump of skin on my pad. It was flesh looking with little lumps on it - I felt I should look at it, why I don't know!

What is going on? What could it be? Little worried as never seen anything like that before, should I expect more?

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I am not sure what it could be, but maybe you need to make an appointment with your GP. Maybe as well write down what did you see, what did you experience and as well maybe silly question did it smell? Sometimes it can tell a lot as well, but just day this as well to gp.

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No funny/horrid smells... Just horrendous pain then found that.. Was almost like a piece of raw chicken skin 😝

I've done a bit of Internet searching and it sounds like it's part of my lining that hasn't broken down fully. Apparently it's more common then you'd think.

I will ring doc Monday to put my mind at rest though as its not something I've ever experienced!!

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It is always good idea to have it checked out. How our bodies work is still sometimes a mystery and they can surprise us and not always in a good way.

Look after yourself

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It sounds like decidual cast, quite common especially when taking the pill but it may still be best to see your GP x

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Ok, thanks. I've just looked that up. It wasn't the 'whole' thing just a chunk... Does that still sound like the same thing? Will still talk with the doc!


Hi, Feekate..

This all is rather unpleasant. I've seen something like this once when the game was over for me and I had early miscarriage. Two larger pieces, one smaller, smelling awful..:( For me that was a disaster, but for you I believe this is something which has gathered during those 3 months with no period. I read a lot women saying their 1st period after pills or injections is abnormal. Here nothing can be done, just take care properly. I'm absolutely for that girls here are saying - consult your GP about everything, do testing. God bless, you'll have nothing to worry about.

Let bright days cover the dull ones for you Xx

Hi, when I was put on an IUD I had the same thing, went to the emergency room. They just said it was uterine lining and is actually common (which I don't agree with it being common, but it was not anything serious). always go get checked out if you think it is serious though! Good luck!

Yes I had this too when I tried taking pill back to back for 3 months. Was horrendous sharp pains (like contractions) then passed 2 lumps of flesh. At the time i rang 111 and kept getting asked if I could be preg. I had really heavy bleed along with it too.

After reading on here I now believe it was uterine cast. X

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Thanks! I can't see a doctor until next week so hearing what others have found out has put my mind at rest!!

Can't believe after 3 months my period has all but finished in 2 days.... 🤔

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