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Endometriosis ( a little poem)


They’ll never understand this pain that im in

I went over to shop bought my self a new grin

So i can hide behind it to cover the pain that im in

Im a soldier i can do this alone

I dont need ya

I dont need no one

Struggling along wanting to cry

If weren’t for faith i’d be asking why

I cant take it, i know I can

Take each day as it comes

I’m my own biggest fan

There say there aint no cure

You can just manage the pain

I aint got nothing to loose , just side effects to gain

I just keep thinking of people who have it worse than me

May god help them , being gratefu gives me a little relief

Lets see what happens take each day as it comes

Gotta deal with blows , make my self feel numb

I’m gonna get through this, though I may need hypnosis

You aint taking me down, damn you endometriosis

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That's really good :) xx


Well done ! Very lovely poem !


Love it x


You sum up the fight in my head. Well done xxx


That is brilliant, pure genius! xx


wow that is a great poem. Go you! Well done x


Brill, hits the nail on the head xx


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!! Hope you're having a good (for one with this disease anyway) day! :)


It sums up exactly how i feel xx


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