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I was just diagnosed with endometriosis in July after having surgery to remove an ovarian cyst I've got stage 4 it's a mess inside. I've been put on the pill since to stop everything and everything seemed to settle down but recently I've started to get lower back pain and painful cramps, how quickly after surgery would you expect to start getting symptoms again and should I go back to the consultant??

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  • Hi Chrissy, was it excision surgery ? If so was it through a general gynaecologist or a BSGE centre?

  • Hi Jean,

    It was with General gynae

  • Hi Chrissy having stage 4endo means you need to be treated at a BSGE centre not general gynaecologist, this is nhs guidelines. Have a look on the BSGE website and find one near you then go back to GP and get a referral to them.if you a getting symptoms again it rather looks like endo has been missed. I'm sorry Hun but they never should of treated you in the first place. What they should of done was sent you straight to a specialist once they realised you were stage 4. They were in breach of guidelines and now it looks like you need further surgery. Hopefully once you've seen a specialist you will get the treatment you you need.

  • As Jean said, please get a refferal to a bsge specialist, this is very important, do not go back to your general gyne, stage 4 is not a general gyne issue, it should only be dealt with by specialists good luck x

  • Thank you everyone for all the advice will look into this

  • I've had 4 surgeries within the past year. I understand what you're saying about the pain because it's happened to me every time, but if you're not supposed to get a period and you are right now then talk to the dr bc they might need to give you higher doses on the pill. (That's what they did for me) but when you have Endo some days you just get cramps and stuff but I get it for weeks, if you're not bleeding then the dr could give you pain pills while you have this "flare up"

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