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Need some advice ladies


I had my laproscopy on the 23rd of August which they didn’t find any endo after surgery I bled for 3days then my period came in the 30th and lasted 5 days my second period was due 6days ago but is failing to show I have been getting on and off back pain and aching legs been feeling very sick and have headaches is this normal? Xxx

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Not in my experience Nicole...I was put straight on medication after my laparoscopy because I do have endometriosis. I would definitely contact your GP. Any symptoms that are out of the ordinary after surgery are always worth investigating. It could just be the general anaesthetic (which stays in and affects your body for months and months post surgery), but it’s always best to be on the safe side. I hope you are feeling a lot better soon xx

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It’s annoying I did a test this morning which was negative I had period symptoms 3 days ago but now they are gone it’s never happened to me before xx

I was told that my periods might be irregular after my lap, I've just started my period and it was very late x

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It’s frustrating as I didn’t have anything removed just a tubal dye to make sure I had no blockages I had 1 period since surgery which can dead in time and wasn’t really painful but now my second 1 is 7days late I’ve only ever been late once or twice by 1-2days how late was yours? Xx

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Mine was 9 days late, I've missed periods before now though it's called amenorrhea. Also stress can delay your period xx

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I’ve never been this late I’m just gonna put it down to the lap as I haven’t been stressed hopefully it should arrive soon xx

The laparoscopy can affect cycles because of all the prodding and moving stuff around - the uterus doesn't like being moved. So you can have irregular cycles for the few months after lap and these may change your cycle length for the future.

Mine after two lap ops have always changed for the first few months, then after a while they settle back down. I had endo and had that removed, not on any hormones post treatment. It doesn't matter though what's been done, it's simply the moving around stuff in there that can cause a bit of stress to your uterus.

Give it about 4 to 5 months - that's the time you'll need to completely recover from the op anyway. If they're still irregular / haven't found their own cycle then talk to your GP / specialist.

That’s annoying but hopefully it will come soon it’s just strange how my first period after lap came right in time was a bit painful but not major xx

my first one came on time as well - lap was mid cycle. It's because the cycle has already started.

for any future periods it takes time for the uterus etc to heal so cycles can be affected - even just the idea that energy will go into healing rather than the body supporting normal cycles as healing takes priority. makes sense when explained!

Thank you atleast I no it’s normal now I thought I had something wrong with me hope your cycles sort them self’s out too xx

My cycles were bang on time after each laparoscopy; I’ve had 3( luckily I’ve always been regular)

Sorry to hear of your struggles to conceive, been there. Will give you a story of hope I fallen pregnant twice after a laparoscopy to to treat endometriosis ( for us it was our cause of infertility took many years to find it🤦🏽‍♀️) one resulted in a chemical pregnancy & the other one well I’m currently 5 weeks pregnant.

If your period still doesn’t show up I’d re test in a few days, you may have implanted later?

Really hope the laparoscopy has done the trick & you get good news soon ✨✨✨ xoxo😘

Thank you for your response it’s just so strange for me to be this late I had my lap on the 23rd aug period came 30th which was on time now 1 was due 7days ago and nothing I tested this morning and it was negative congratulations to you xxx

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