Need some advice please


Yesterday around 3pm I started getting a really sharp pain in my right side where i usually get my pain, i have pain on top of my tummy and its going into my back too. It's not there all the time, just sometimes, and when it is there it's really intense and i can't move. its got worse since yesterday, it literally feels like someone is running a sharp knife on my insides! :( i've taken painkillers and sat with a hot water bottle but nothing seems to be working! Does this sound like endo to you guys or does it sound like something different?

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  • Hi hun.

    Sorry to say that yes the sharp stabbing pain that radiates round to your back is a sign of endo. I have days where it's there but it's not to bad other days it's so bad I can hardly move and I have to take Tramadol but when it's that bad I can feel the pain even after taking them it's that bad. My other half got a dreamland heat pad the other day and that is amazing it's better than a bottle as it's flat so it means when I get in bed I can lay my back on where as bottles uncomfortable . It's electric and has 5 heat settings so I turn it up to 5 then turn it down to 3 before I go to sleep and automatically turns itself of after 3 hours. I have slept much better last 2 nights. Might be worth a try it was £30 from argos.x

  • I keep having to go to the loo cuz i have the runs aswell, it's driving me mad, i haven't been able to eat anything other than a sandwich today. I might call out of hours and see if they can give me some stronger painkillers to help xx

  • Yes I would give them a call as you have got that going on aswell poor you xx

  • Got to the stage of counting down the days to the surgery not dreading it now haha xx

  • I agree at least you will get some answers and hopefully treatment x

  • Just spoke to them and they're saying maybe gastroenteritis! Great! That's all i need haha! They said to take paracetamol and codeine together and see if that helps, if not, then i have to see Devon doctors for an examination x

  • Oh no give it a try taking them together hopefully will help. Hope you don't have a bug. X

  • I've just taken some together, hopefully it helps xx

  • Hi hun, yep this is the pain I get also. My morphine patches aren't doing anything :(, hop the paracetamol and codeine help. Keep us updated,

    Sending hugs


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