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Lap done, nothing found. What’s next?

Hello everybody,

I woke up from my first laparoscopy a few hours ago.

Just spoke to my surgeon (a general gynaecologist)

He said he found no endometriosis. This was my worst fear, I wanted to have an explanation for my horrendous daily pelvic pain, bad ovulation, periods and fatigue. I was CONVINCED I had endo.

Any advice for what I can do next?

I feel so stupid like i have wasted all this time worrying, questioning myself.

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Firstly, please don't feel stupid.

You're in pain and simply want an answer as to why.

Did they find anything at all; adenomyosis, cysts, adhesions, fibroids...?

Sometimes they are not very forthcoming with their findings, and you may need to probe them for info.

I'm sorry that you didn't get any answers. I hope that there was perhaps something that they found which could explain your symptoms.

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He didn’t mention anything else he just said my ovaries and tubes were clear of any endometriosis or adhesions.

My mum wants to try and pay for a consultation with a local specialist just to see if there is another road we can go down.

As for adenomyosis I know that it’s diagnosed by MRI so I’m going to try and ask but I know they’re abit weird about doing them!

Thanks x


Did he bother to look any further? Just because your ovaries and tubes are clear, doesn't mean that you don't have endometriosis elsewhere.

You're entitled to a diagnosis and a second opinion.

I hope you manage to see a private specialist and get some answers.



Hi LouLou1994, I agree with NattyNoggin. It can be other hormonal issues. I get all the symptoms of Endo as you described, another friend of mine has the same symptoms but has Adeno. My endo is not in my pelvis, it is in my umbilical and under my armpits. I still get pain in my pelvis though, painful periods, thick weird periods, low mood, bad migraines, chronic fatigue... etc. Do not give up, press them to do more tests. I had to get biopsies and MRIs to prove that my endo was somewhere not normal. But it was there and proven by lab test results. Just keep asking for more information. Oh, another friend of mine has similar symptoms but has another disorder related to iodine deficiency. Worth investigating! Best of luck. xx

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Thankyou for the info, once I’m recovered I’m going to carry on trying to find out! X


Don't give up... I'm in the early stages of diagnostics (waiting for my lap) but the same as you my worst fear is being told there's nothing there. You have to advocate for yourself and keep pushing until you get some answers. Much love x


I had a lap in Feb last year and no endo was found, ive been fighting for a further diagnosis as I'm still in a lot of pain and finally saw a specialist yesterday and he thinks its rectovaginal endometriosis and wants to do another lap and biopsy. Fingers crossed they find something. Keep pushing for answers, at the end of the day you know your body best. Good luck x


I’m sorry they didn’t find reason for your pain, however endo can be missed in surgery, especially by a general gynaecologist. It’s really good at hiding. If you have all the symptoms of endometriosis I would ask your GP to refer you to a bsge centre/endometriosis specialist and pick things up there with them. This was always my plan if they didn’t find any during my lap as I was convinced I had it. ( I did and everywhere so couldn’t really be missed) just remember you know your body best.

All the best xx

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