Laparoscopy - what to expect?

Hi all,

I'm going in for my laparoscopy on Thursday 12th Jan for the removal of a dermoid cyst on my left ovary as well as looking out for any endometriosis. My consultant said I'd be off work for 2-3 weeks but really don't know what to expect - the doctors always seem to be immune to these procedures so I guess I was just looking for some responses from people who have had a similar operation & what I should expect i.e. pain, recovery, pain killers they gave you, proceeding with everyday activities (incl. the sex! lol).

Would really appreciate some responses :)


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  • It varies when it comes to sex but returns in future and pain seems to worsen.

  • I had mine mid November ... recovery is sucky. Have some peppermint tea etc available to help with the gas pains in your shoulders &a upper chest and make yourself get up every hour or so and just walk down your hall or around the room as it helps ease the gas (but should only last a few days). If you're anything like me you won't be up to cooking for at least a few days so might be worth preparing some meals you can throw in the oven or microwave (or get take out like we did 🙈) if you can have someone around the first couple of days it's really helpful as they can help you get up if you need to and get drinks etc as although you want to stay a bit mobile you still need to rest. If your on painkillers e.g. Cocodomol may be work getting some laxatives as that combined the anaesthetics can often cause constipation. While you want to push yourself little by little don't do it all too fast as you'll just do more harm in the long run. I had 3 weeks off work and didn't drive until then. Make sure you take loose fitting cloths to the hospital for post surgery and have loose fitting clothes available at home. I slept on the sofa for the first few nights as found propping myself up more comfortable (and less disturbing for my OH). In regards to Sex, I held off for 4 weeks as I was quite tender but was ok after that. But honestly dont worry, yes the recovery is a bit sucky but it's not unbearable. I wouldn't hesitate to have the surgery again if I needed to, and this time I'd be a bit more prepared 😂. Hope all goes well for you. X

  • Thank you for replying Sparkyxx9386 :) I know you say it's good to stay a little mobile but how about stairs? Should I avoid or will I be ok? I've heard i'll be walking around a bit bent over for a few days to a week. I'm on a mix of Naproxen & Tramadol at least a few times a week so not sure Cocodamol will do much for me - did they give you anything straight after the op whilst still in hospital or did you just go straight home? Got plenty of loose fitting clothes - check!

    Maybe really stupid Q but I've heard you shouldn't wear makeup or nail polish during the op? Did your nurses/consultant say anything to you about this?

  • They give me tramadol while I was in post op recovery but I was up and out very quickly as I didn't react to the anaesthetic at all when I and round. In regards to the cocodomol...sounds odd I know but it's a different type of painkiller to naproxen and tramadol so may effect you slightly differently etc, but they'll tell you what to take after the op, and normally write it down for you. Have you ever been in General anestetic before? We live in a flat songs to go up a flight of stairs to get there but once In I didn't have to deal with any...tbh if I did I probably would of camped downstairs for the first few night but that's just me personally. I've read on here some stories of people returning to work 2 or 3 days post surgery and others needed 6 weeks off. Unfortunately until you've had the surgery it's hard to tell what your recovery will be like, especially if you've not had it before! X

  • Oh sorry, and yes, you shouldn't wear nail varnish as they attach those little oxygen readers to you finger nails and it can't read your levels with polish on. And make up I think is a hygein thing but not sure...I dont wear makeup very often so wasn't a big deal lol

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