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My solution to ending Prostap


After being on the prostap injection for almost 5 years the side effects were becoming slightly onerous. But the quality of life once I started the injections was fantastic. Therefore, I asked for a referral back to the hospital and found an amazing doctor who listened to me (yes, I know, incredible) and we decided to remove my one remaining ovary, thus giving me the same effect as prostap without having to have major surgery for a full hysterectomy.

I am one month post op and am waiting for the effects of the prostap to wear off.

I hope this helps - I know not everyone has finished their family and this may seem radical to some, but I have been unable to conceive naturally since I was 22 so for me this was a safe, logical and simple solution. I suffered an ovarian cyst at 17 and lost an ovary and tube then at 22 had an ectopic that burst so lost my other tube. Now, 24 years on, I was more than ready physically and mentally to say goodbye to my ovary.

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