Prostap and HRT

My consultant has recently started me on Prostap injections after three months of being on Gabapentin and morphine and still being in immense pain. I was reluctant to have the injection but it was presented as my only choice as the next level of treatment. My laparoscopy is not due until Oct/Nov. He also prescribed me HRT to take daily. Do I have to take this? Will it affect the Prostap doing what it's meant to? I read the side effects leaflet and it sounds worse than the Prostap itself. I appreciate it is supposed to be for post-menopausal women but at 22 I dont want a higher risk of cancer/stroke/pulmonary embolism or to grow a moustache! Any advice or experiences welcome. Thankyou

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  • Very quick message to say that it worked miracles for me ...!

  • HRT or Prostap? Just glad to hear something positive, most people are less enthusiastic! x

  • Hi I'm due to get my third pros tap injection tomorrow. My consultant told me I didn't need HRT unless I had really bad side effects or was on it more than 6 months. The first month was terrible I had awful pain, headaches mood swings hot flushes and night sweats, I nearly didn't go back for the second injection. I'm pleased I did though because this month I've felt great, no pain at all. I still get the hot flushes but that is something I can put up with.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply! I haven't had any side effects so far so I'm just sitting and waiting for it all to kick in and I think the waiting is worst part! I'll judge it as it comes and hope I don't need HRT x

  • Hi , I took prostap without hrt. My doctor said to try prostap first on its own and if side effects were too bad to take hrt. Mine never were so never had to take it.Maybe you can talk to your doctor and see if that is a possibility for you if you are worried about hrt? X

  • I'm going to try and speak to the doctor today and see what he thinks. My surgery is a nightmare for appointments though so not holding out much hope for an answer too quickly! x

  • Does your surgery do call backs? In mine you can request for a doctor to call you back if you have a question that might be answered over the phone. Might be worth asking. Good luck x

  • I'm going to phone to ask a doctor. I know the surgery is closed for 2 hours every afternoon so I'm hoping someone will have 5 mins for me! Thanks for your help :) xx

  • I have had two rounds of this treatment over the years and I found it marvellous but you are only taking these drugs for a short time so the side effects are not going to be as bad as someone who is on them long term hope this helps good luck with your surgery x

  • I advise you see how you go, the HRT I was offered was to protect my bones, you can take Vitamin D and increase dairy for calcium. Prostap for me was awful, I went on to 3months injections, has taken me a year to feel normal but I have been diagnosed with MS and Menopause faux or natural does increase symptoms. Hope your surgery goes well x

  • Hi all,

    I had prostap without hrt and im now going for another course after a year whilst waiting a laparoscopy. I felt great without hrt but prostap without it for more than 6 months can potentially cause bone density loss. This time I will be taking a low dose hrt and for me its amore rrealistic idea of life after a total hysterectomy. You would have to have hrt then as my consultant put it ' by all means stay off hrt, but at 40 you will look 60'. I too am worried about typical side effects of hrt but need to know before I do something permanent. I know hysto is not a cure but it really changed my moms life and I think it may change mine. Also it is common to feel worse on your first injection but stick with it. Hope this helps xxx

  • My lap is due in Oct/Nov, so shouldn't be on the Prostap for more than 4/5 months. I'm too young for a hysterectomy so haven't been told that HRT is essential. Thankyou for your reply xxx

  • I had prostap for 7 months and had no hrt, only had hot flushes which where bearable, i only wish i could have it again as it gave me my life back, waking up in no pain was fantastic.

  • Hiya I've been on prostap for over 12 months now with add back estriodial. The prostap has been a god send but I've stopped the hrt as it brought my pain back. The side effects were quite bad in the first month but they do subside I would recommend you stay on time with the injections though as the pain can return really quickly. Hope this helps xx

  • Going through the menopause worked great for me! I had zoladex though I had 6 months injections and my periods took another 5 months to return after that

    I was advised if I could manage without HRT then do because its more effective as the HRT apparently adds in the hormones they want to remove to stop the endo growing. Perhaps check with your Dr and if your happy with the symptoms (hot flushes etc) then try without I found the side affects ok to deal with but everyone reacts and is different

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