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Emotional mess!! Help!

Hi ladies, I feel absolutely ridiculous as I write this but I'm an absolute mess when it comes to people talking about babies. My best friend is pregnant and I've just found out so is a colleague at work, I managed to hold it together when her partner announced they were expecting but had to go to the toilet for a cry! My endometriosis is not under control at the moment, my last laparoscopy is not proving to be effective in reducing my pain and my consultant now wants to put me in a chemically induced menopause.. Everything I've read about this and the drugs used scares me so much, it's not fair I'm 26 and I've said to my consultant I'll think about but when everyone around me is talking about babies I'm finding it so hard. My friend made a just get pregnant comment last night and it really upset me. Does anybody else feel like this?

Sorry for the rant.....


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Hi hun sorry that u feel this was. Im also a endometrious sufferer from the age of 12 i could never understand why my periods was so bad and everyone used to say around me oh dont be silly every woman gets them yours carnt be that bad. yet little did they no what i was suffering with. me and my husband was trying for years about 6+ for a baby and everyone around us was having babies even people who just keep having them even tho they have loads. it used to get us so upset thinking why carnt it happen for us. in 2014 i had a laproscopy and discovered i had endo and was told i could never conceive naturally, this absolutely devastated us our only option was ivf and now were expecting. its not the end of the road hun. Other people dont understand they think its so easy to get pregnant. i call them uneducated :) keep your chin up hun xx

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Hi love, sorry that you are having a difficult time :(

From your post it is not clear if you have tried to conceive/want to conceive?

I used to worry constant about getting pregnant and sometimes it did upset me when other talked about their pregnancies/babies. I have severe endo and (like a lot of endo suffers) have PCOS. I also have a partial septate in my womb.

I am currently waiting more surgery for my endo as like you my last lap has not managed to reduce the pain long term. I chose another lap over using prostrap etc as I was worried about the side affects. I can empathise as I know it is an incredibly difficult choice.

The good news is that after my last surgery I did manage to get pregnant. And as you can see from the other response that there are other possibilities.

Keep fighting :)

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I understand the pressure you are feeling. It must feel awful to have this on your mind all the time. My specialist has actually encourage me to not get pregnant any time soon so that the treatment can offer me some relief for a time. It was lovely to hear.

I'm not certain if you are trying to conceive right now, but endo doesn't mean you definitely won't. You're a strong and capable person to manage with a condition like this and I recommended not chastising yourself for how you feel. You will find a way through.

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I completely get this! Last year I miscarried and my 2 best friends were pregnant at the same time. Another 6 people I knew fell pregnant and I spent last year in a similar way of thinking.

This year I have reflected on all the things that people have to be jealous of me for! 😊 Children haven't fixed other people's relationships, they don't solve pain problems and they can't make everything right. When you're in that good head space your chances will probably improve too.

I've been trying for 2 years now and am thinking I'll have a family somehow, even if I never get pregnant myself. Try to switch round your way of thinking, it's their time right now but it'll be your time soon x

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If you've not tried and not planning to anytime soon, perhaps try to coil? If you are trying to fall pregnant, doing it straight after your lap is the best time.

It's normal to feel worried about the uncertain, just talk to your doctor and see what your options are. Chin up x


I too had a big cry earlier in the week, usually I try not to let it get to me, but heard 4 friends were pregnant all on one day! Too much for me to take.

We've been trying for 3yrs, diagnosed with stage 4. I had a laparoscopy last April was given 6months to try naturally. Unfortunately 2months later pain remained the same, and so had the endo grown back too in 2months. Drs literally forced me to take prostap for 3months, was still in pain. Hence now agreed to operate again this April.

I just feel so annoyed that we have not been able to try since the last laparoscopy and now here booked in again. Fingers crossed we get to try after this one!


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