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Laparoscopy, Mirena and Zoladex?

Went to see a consultant yesterday and she is booking me in for another operation, then fitting the mirena in at the same time and starting me on the Zoladex injection which I will take for 3 months.

After my first operation where they diagnosed and lasered off my endo I have had no relief at all from it, I had this operation in August 2014.

I am soooo happy that I have finally seen someone who seems to know what they are talking about but just wondered if anyone else has had an operation to laser off the endo then also had the mirena fitted at the same time and started the injections?

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Hey Megvarn,

Congrats for finding a Consultant that seems helpful! I had my Endo lasered off in 2013 and while the Endo itself didn't come back I ended up with Endo Associated Pain Syndrome (it's a real thing), which (in brief) is where your nerves become so used to the pain that they become extremely sensitive or have learnt the pain signals from Endo that they keep firing pain warnings to your brain even though the Endo isn't there. It may be worth asking if you can go to a Pain Management clinic if you haven't already been referred, as they were really helpful for me.

I had the Mirena fitted at the same time as my first lap and then had it changed on my second lap (at my request). I have noticed a reduction in pain since having it fitted and it's a huge benefit to not have periods/bleeding as that always made my pain worse. I haven't noticed any massive side effects from the Mirena, maybe a little weight gain (nothing hugely noticeable) and a small amount of acne which I easily treat and keep at bay with a prescription wash. I haven't had the Mirena before this, but I'm glad I had it done during surgery as I wouldn't have been able to cope with the experience/pain of having it fitted which my friends went through. I had some stomach cramps, seeing as I'd already felt like I'd been hit in the stomach by a bus anyway - in my eyes I'd rather have lots of pain/uncomfortableness at once than have surgery, then the coil fitted. I had some bleeding too after surgery for a week or two (I can't remember the exact length), but I can't be sure whether this was from the lap or coil, apart from that I've had the occasional spotting but nothing heavy or similar to a period. I do get period type of cramps every few months, they're nothing in comparison to before the Mirena though.

Unfortunately I haven't tried Zoladex, but there's lots of ladies on here who have posted their stories which may help.

Keep us updated on how you get on :) x

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Hi - where was your endo found the last time? You have mentioned the right side but do you know from the operative report exactly where you had it - i.e. on what anatomical structures? You have mentioned laser and that can be used both to ablate (vaporise) endo or to excise it but as your lap was done in general gynaecology they will have just done laser vaporisation. This is why your endo had not been resolved as it will usually only be temporary. It will be important that it is excised this time and this requires surgical skill. Are you being seen in an accredited centre this time around?


Hello, I am not entirely sure where they found it. I had laser to ablate the endo and they will be doing this again on the 22nd March, I have it done at the hospital.


Hi - I would recommend that you get a copy of the report from your GP. You are moving in the right direction with a consultant who is now supportive but you may want to take the opportunity this time to get it right with proper excision surgery. Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre. x

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