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No period TTC

Needing advice 🙈 had my second lap in September for severe endo consultant is confident he removed all of it. Stopped pill Jan to TTC period due Thursday but still not arrived. 2 negative pregnancy tests later still no periods. feeling very emotional bloated and sore boobs. Really at a loss here. Had to stop my pill 2 months before surgery and period was very regular so I just don't know any more.

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Hi, if you are bbt tracking that can indicate if you're preg (temp stays high if you are, if dropped it's prob just late - can happen if stressed, sick or if you've been around different women than usual - their cycle can switch yours by a few days)

Sometimes it takes a while for hcg to rise to a high enough level to register on hpt, especially if you ovulated late, say day 19ish rather than 14, then you'd not expect to see a +result clearly until 5-6 wks from day of last period.

If turns out to be just a late period this time and you aren't tracking then get to it as usually will let you see what the deal is if you're regular. There are sample charts on baby centre. X


Thanks. Temp is the only thing I wasn't tracking. Tracked cm. Sore nipples and side of boobs. Feeling very tired and bottom of my back is sore. Just so frustrating waiting when I know my cycle was always 28days anytime I stopped the pill. Going to do another test tonight I'm now 4 days late so hoping its positive


It's great, I ovulated sometimes late sometimes early so helped me a lot, my cycle usually 29 pretty reg, but ranged 26-33. Prob more likely to show with first morning urine, if testing later in day can stop it showing too. Fingers crossed for you, good luck xx


Was debating ovulation sticks. But il get a thermometer aswell and try that next month. Can't do anything yet until dam period comes :-( or the test is positive :-) which I'm hooping it is


They are a massive waste of money. I was using them at same time as tracking (always inaccurate, prob due to hormone levels in Endo woman being diff to the norm) - we couldn't have tonnes of sex due to pain so timed according to my temp basically, had 2 mc now 20wks, only tried for a short while and had been told no chance so I would highly recommend it, takes less time then peeing on a stick. I recorded in my days app when half asleep them wrote it the paper chart (easier to see pattern) about once a wk. You start tracking first day of period and just continue taking temp every morning - don't worry about same time each day I never did!

Chances are you could have a wee baba on board already just give it a few days and test again.

Your time will come too xxx

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Oh I will Defs get a thermometer then and try that. I know I realy hope I do scared to get my hopes up it is only month one and with my endo I never thought it would happen. Thanks xx


Aww I know! We were the same, but it can happen and is early days in ttc - I had thought you meant Jan 2015, have not got into 2016 mode yet!!

Your gp should have given you this for guidance:- patient.info/health/plannin...

And also remember guidance on alcohol changed recently to cut it out completely if ttc. Can help if hubby does too, also pregnacare preconception for men and women is fab.

Hope it all works out for you xx


Oh no this is only month one. No alcohol caffeine and taking my vitamins. Didn't tell my gp I was trying I maybe should. Just done another test and it was negative too :-(. Just want my period to come so I can start again xx


Even for 'normal' people it can take up to 18 months to fall pregnant. It can be frustrating having to wait for things to fall into place. As long as you have that advice in the link that's all you need, though would do no harm to mention when you see them next.

Best advice when you're going through this is to keep busy and get stuff done. You won't feel as tip top esp in first trimester so do all stuff around the house, get involved with projects, hobbies and friends, enjoy the one on one time with your partner before you have a bump or baby to contend with!


If you are tracking CM what day did you notice fertile CM? Fingers crossed you get good news!


Fertile cm was day 11-13 and had pain 13th night so would expect HcG to be high enough by now? Having cramps keep thinking period going to come but nothing il make a gp app tomorrow It'l take a few weeks to get it. So annoying now xx


Hmm yes going by your CM you should have had an answer one way or another by now. Ask your GP if they can do a pregnancy BHCG blood test. This picks up at lower levels than urine ones. It goes up by about 60%-100% every 48hrs so repeating a urine one in a couple of days if no period will also hopefully give you an answer. Good luck!


Yea done another urine test and again was negative :-( so frustrating. I'm going to loose a month of TTC with this being late


Don't be worrying, I know it feels like forever when ttc and is stressful with Endo worries.

Your cycle off the pill can be quite different to what you experienced before you were on it and to break through bleeding. So if it's late then this could just be your body adapting and is natural. If it's still not come in a few days then do a test with first morning urine. Gp will unlikely do a blood or urine test if you've been doing hpt as they say it's as accurate.

You won't lose a month, your cycle starts on first day of your period so if it comes this is your new time to try.

Here is the chart I was talking about:-



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