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Full period despite being on mini-pill


Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage 1 almost 5 weeks ago via a laparoscopy. They removed everything they found and have now put me on the Mini pill (Cerazette to be precise!) I woke up yesterday morning with a full period! (Sorry for the TMI!) I was told by my doctor to expect some spotting but this is definitely not spotting. It is very heavy and very very painful!! I just wanted to see whether this was normal and whether anyone else has had the same experience?

I have taken my pill at the same time every day for almost 4 weeks apart from one day where I took it an hour late!!

Thanks in advance🙂

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Weirdly I've just had the same thing. Been taking the combined pill (loestrin) for just over a month now (with no break as instructed by doctor) and have just had one of the worst most painful periods I've ever had. All I can think is that it's the hormones building up inside. I'm hoping they'll settle though because I can't go through this once a month for the rest of my life!

Giraffe0210 in reply to KPZorse

That’s very strange! I’m sorry that you are suffering too, it’s horrendous!

That’s what I was thinking, maybe it is still getting in to our systems? But my doctor did not mention anything I was just told I wouldn’t have one!! Me neither!

I hope it eases soon x

KPZorse in reply to Giraffe0210

Yeah I was told that the whole point of taking my pills back to back is that I wouldn't get periods. In fairness though the pill does seemed to have settled my groin/abdo pains that I was getting outside of period times so that's a plus. Just wondering whether maybe Loestrin isn't the right pill for me.

Giraffe0210 in reply to KPZorse

I was told the same but unfortunately it hasn’t really reduced my pain. I’m still very reliant on painkillers and the only thing that eases it is yoga!

Maybe it isn’t! I would go back to your doctor/specialist if you can, I’m going to this week and discuss it

KPZorse in reply to Giraffe0210

I’ve been told that I need to stick it out for another month at least so I’ll wait and see I think.

I hope you find some relief soon, lovely!

Giraffe0210 in reply to KPZorse

Thank you and you! I’ve been told the same by several people too, although frustrating!!

We can do it💪🏼

I took both Loestrin and Cerazette for about 2 years (1 year each) and had full and pretty regular periods on both of them, that seemed to drag on forever and leave me feeling that full heavy feeling after and for a few weeks before each period too! I was told some people are just lucky and have their periods stop on them but some dont!

Oh wow, well I hope this is just a one off! If not I will speak to my doctor about changing it!

I’m sorry that you suffered too!

I made a year on both before I gave up on all pills for good haha! Wishing you all the best x

Thank you! How do you manage your endometriosis now without the pills? X

I was on the pill for 4 years when they sent me for a lap, so nothing was found. I came off the pill against there advice, as they thought it can grow back, but it's been 9 months now and the pains from twinges and what not of it maybe growing back are so much better than the misery of the pill!

Ah okay, I understand! Sometimes the doctors always right and we know our own bodies! I’ve had a few bad experiences with different pills to what I’m on now so I can completely sympathise!

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