Appointment tomorrow and spotting. Will I get examined?

Hi ladies,

I finally have my gynecologist appointment tomorrow. I have been waiting over 2 months for this appointment and about 5 months for a referral. My period isn't due until Friday but I have been spotting brown discharge (sorry for tmi) since Friday. It hasn't turned into a period, and sometimes it stops for hours. I don't even need a pad it's just when I wipe. I read online some doctors examine on your period, will I get examined with spotting?

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I've experienced the same thing. My Doctor wasn't bothered by it and was able to do my routine exam. Maybe it depends on what you're having done?

Thank you, it was an initial gynecological exam and swabs and he just went through with it.

Oh glad it went good for you. Sometimes you never know what the doc may say!

Hi it shouldn't make any difference.

Thanks x

Hi , I actually had my cycle when I saw gynae & she did a quick internal exam but was not bothered I was bleeding ! So don't worry re the spotting.

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